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Dark-eyed junco in the trees a couple weeks ago

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It looks like pussy-willows are bursting forth!

Taken April 26, 2022
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  1. Teagardener0:33
  2. alansnell0:35
  3. Ianto0:42
  4. Trapper0:51
  5. dnmtamm0:52
  6. wshealy0:53
  8. lovesgulls0:55
  9. Junko0:58
  10. cappy1:03


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It looks like it, Mila, according to their range map. They go north into Canada and parts of Alaska for breeding.


So where do they go, further north to Canada?


Ours seem to be gone now, too, Mila. Yes, just like us!!
You, too, Jackie. Blessings and hugs!

Thank you Li, Enjoy your day. Hugs and love.


They are so cute! I wish we had them year round. But like us, they don't like the heat!


I remember doing that, too, DexterandRudymomma. I'd forgotten about that until you mentioned it. Thanks.
I didn't know that pussy-willows are important for bees, Sylvia. I learned something!!


Aren't the pussy-willows beautiful? They are under conservation in Germany. They are so important for the bees.


Thanks for sharing .We used to make pictures with pussy willows.Glued them to the pictures.Thought we were the bomb


They're fun, Mrsgmath.

Love pussy willows.


Me, too, Ed. I was fascinated by them when I was little. Years ago, when my mother was still living, she got a bouquet of flowers that had pussy-willow "sticks" among the flowers, for interest. When the flowers died, she stuck the sticks into the ground, and they sprouted and grew into a bush!! (That was in Washington State, where they get a lot of rain!)


I've always liked pussy-willows, Li.

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