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What part of the chocolate bunny do most people eat first?

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(='.') It happens every spring, researchers say: A disturbing epidemic of confectionary rabbit auricular amputations. Or, in layman’s terms, biting the ears off of your chocolate Easter bunny. As it turns out, a new study looks at our preferences for deforming the chocolatey critters. It notes that an online survey of more than 28,000 Americans reveal that 59 percent of us eat the ears first. About 4 percent start at the other end with the feet or tail, while 33 percent of people indicate no preference at all when going in for the all-important first bite.

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Something about those ears, nette - gotta eat them first !!! thanks for the fun (❀ᴗ❀)


(='.') Hi BK, me too!


Yup! I was always the ears☺


(='.') Hi Barb, yes, we are all in agreement, it's the ears!


The ears! They stick out nicely and are conveniently thin and easy to bite off....thanks, Jeanette :)


(='.') Hi Shirley, Lunie, Ardy, Bobbie and Cyndi, it appears the ears have it, thank you all for solving and leaving a comment!


Definitely the ears!


Ears. :))


The ears are the easiest to bite into. LOL Thanks, Nette. Haven't had any for years. Chocolate has been on my No No list for probably 20 years at least. When I first started having some heart problems and discovered my blood pressure had gone from being very low to too high, chocolate was the only food the doctor said I should not eat. I don't remember when that was but sometime in the 1990's.


Am one of those who eat the ears first...


Been a while since I've had one myself but observing the grandchildren I thing the ears go first ☺ Thanks, Nette, for the trivia.

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