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Sam ❤️

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February 2015
Image copyright: Photo by Yvonne (Samsammy)
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  1. SamSammy1:04
  2. gemstone1:09
  3. zeronada1:13
  4. puppsgal1:13
  5. frava731:22
  6. Horton0071:27
  7. Linedancer11:30
  8. cappy1:30
  9. gizi051:31
  10. ian19481:34


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We sure miss the lovely pets we had because they always become part of the family.
Thanks for your lovely pictures.


Yes he is Pat, and Cali too, always in our hearts. It's unbelievable that 5 years have passed. Seems like it happened last year or so. I do understand that it is worrying that Bishka is growing old now. She is still happy and with you. Enjoy every day! I know you do. Wish dogs would grow older and could stay with us a bit longer than they do. Take care Pat. Glad your arm is well enough to do some puzzles again. Cuddles for Bishka, hugs for you :)))


Yvonne, he will always be in our hearts. Can't believe its been 5 year since we lost our babies. Now Bishka is old and I'm worried. Love you and many hugs, and cuddles from Bishka.


Hello Rebecca, Solidrock, Jirma, Ardy, Mat and Faye, so good to see you all. Thank you for your sweet comments. He very much was a good boy and I will never forget him. Somehow he still is very much alive, also because you all still enjoy his pictures.❤️
I like the 'Retired Hunter'! Home to tell his stories! :)) Reminds me of another picture I have and will post it when I find it amongst the 8000 pictures or so I have of Sam :)) Glad he never chased birds! Or anything else!
No, wish Sam was Ollie's dad! That would be something! Sam passed away in July 2015 and Ollie was born in June 2016. I'm his 'stepmom'. He is part of my friends family but he is with us a lot too, for short holidays and a couple of times a week we take him for walks and he is with us at our home. Glad she 'shares' him with us!
Hope you all have a nice Sunday. Take care, stay safe! Cookies for your dogs Mat! ❤️


Aaawww, Sam, you were such a good boy...and loved so very much. ❤️❤️❤️


Good boy Sam, we all miss you.


Sam always had eyes for you, Yvonne. He will live forever in your heart. Hugs dear friend♥♥


Sam is Olli's dad?


He looks like a retired hunter :0)


Such a good boy, not to chase the ducks. :)

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