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Sweet memories of Lucky....

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February 1972 -- 3 August 1990.

Lucky -short for 'Lucky Luke' how we originally named him- was our first adopted kitty six weeks after we got married and got a place of our own..
He was about 11 months old when we rescued him from the shelter and gave him his forever home from 6. February 1973 until 3. August 1990.... the day we had to let him go to cross the Rainbow Bridge. He was a very big cat and his appearance would scare people when they first met him, but he was such a friendly Giant and he loved to greet and welcome our visitors.
In this photo he was 18 years old and although he still looked big his weight had come down from 12 kilos (in his younger days) to 5+ kilos in the end! He did have a very sweet nature and although he loved us hubby was his favourite!!! ♥☺♥
It were 17½ wonderful years he lived with us and we'll always remember him with a big warm smile♥
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What a beautiful boy. I just had to say goodbye to my big boy, 18 yr old, before Christmas. Their presence remains strong with us. ❤




Lucky, I can absolutely imagine how much you were loved by your human Mum and Dad. A handsome boy like you deserves only the best. ♥☺♥☺


He was a big softy, Marilyn.....I still miss Goofie! ♥

He was indeed, Gospelgrandma....with his lovely brown nose and his big ears....he was our first 'baby' ♥


Wow, he was certainly a big boy, and looks very sweet. Another blessed kitty to have had his forever home with you and your husband!


Lucky looks like a lover to me. I still love kitties and miss having one in my home.


He was a very big sweet boy, Faye, thanks ♡♡

I don't know his breed, Anne, he was special.....that is what I do know! ♡♡


What interesting eyes, Asian cat breeds or Russian blues in there somewhere.


A lovely boy! ❤️


Thank you, nillie.....I have so many memories collected in my mind to share, but I'm also open for and interested in other people's memories shared...♥♥♥...

Yes Anne, he was quite a giant but indeed Norwegian Forest cats are even bigger than Lucky was. Compared to his body his tail was small but so sweet♥ His white ears turned dark pink and very warm when he was stressed (think of visits to the vet) and when it was hot! ♥☺♥

They do, Betty.....and Lucky sure did.....he was friendly to everyone.....apart from my sister-in-law☺☺☺ ...she once tried to surprise us with a kitten....she brought it with her on my hubby's birthday and she introduced it to Lucky's food and drink in the kitchen and she also put it on his litter tray!!!!!.....Lucky got very angry and tried to slap the kitten and she took the kitten back home later that evening.....after this event Lucky couldn't stand her and when she visited us he gave her the look and hissed at her when she tried to stroke him.....he has never done that to anyone else but her, ever!!!!!☺☺☺

Perhaps this puzzle is too big or too dark and I now wish I had posted this other picture of him, where he was much younger than in the photo above:

A handsome gentle giant that stole hearts as they all do...


Oh, my 12 kilos (I had to google the calculator) that is big. Atsutsa weighs a mere 6 kilos and I think of him as big. He's quite striking looking too. I love his tail and the matching spot on his face. The only cat breed I could find (googled) was Norwegian Forest cats who weigh in round that weight. What a very nice looking boy. Thank you for sharing his picture and your memories, Impie.


Thanks usual [during three years I guess] I am deeply impressed by the way you share with others, no matter what is the issue...whatever it is.

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