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Once upon a time there was a puppy

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I heard a dog but didn't see him. Later I discovered it was Benji. Hi lived in the house I was looking at. He died a few years ago.
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Waf woof aunt Faye. Yes, the new house is after that hill and then a bit farther. ☺ Beji lived about at the opposite of our apartment. Just over the bridge and a bit to the right. You have a good memory. ☺ Sweet licks ♥♥♥


This was my last solve...I now have four full pages of all "Bella" puzzles...what a precious collection! ❤️

gemstone I know where Benji lived...I can see where the cat was in your puzzle a few days ago...and the hill where you played...and isn't your home now on the other side of that hill? :)))


Waf waf woof dear aunties, yes indeed, I met lot of dogs the last years. And I made lots of friends. ☺ Yes aunt Linda (tek) that's right. it's a 15/20 minutes walk from the apartment to our house, two minutes by car. ☺ Yes it's sad that Benji died, but he was already older. I found a few photo of him. I will show one tomorrow. Aunt Faye, Buster is still doing well, he's 17 years now.
Yes, I was wondering. For a puppy it's strange to hear something without seeing it. It frightened me a bit, you can see that my tail is down. ☺ Everything was so new for me.
Sweet licks ♥♥♥


Benji lived in a nice area, too. It is so sad to lose friends... How is Buster doing? ❤️❤️❤️

You made a friend, then lost one. Sad.


You look quite surprised, but you were a quick learner and from then on knew that the mystery dog was Benji.
Woof woof! ♥♥♥


That's sad, Bella, that Benji is no longer here.


Fun seeing the puppy, Bella, again. Thanks, Ank.


If I remember correctly you are living very close to where you used to live! Very lovely photos and a great glimpse into the past!


Bella, it's hard to believe how quickly you grew.


Yes I agree, you have known so many dogs Bella and they all love you. Hugs and wafs.


You have got to know an incredible number of dogs over the years Bella. ♥

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