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  1. paolinca3:27
  2. inny3:29
  3. limpduck4:25
  4. JigiAddict4:50
  5. senrabyar4:53
  6. Freefamily5:15
  7. gordyp535:22
  8. bevdick5:32
  9. zandboy5:34
  10. marycj5:36


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This one was pretty cool. Thanks !!


glad you all enjoyed it ☺☺ @alemap your sister's garden sounds delightful and she is obviously a beautiful caring soul ♥♥♥

My sister would love that garden, her own is fantastic and in her greenhouse she grows fruit and flowers. She even has little tunnels where the hedgehogs can get in for a safe place to sleep, she is known for helping the bees, after a particular heavy downpour she found a bee on the pavement it was soaking wet … she found a leaf and very gently got the bee on to it, took it back home and put it in the greenhouse with the door open, left it a sweet drink ( the local vet had suggested ) and off she went, when she returned home later the drink had gone and so had the bee !

Such a pretty puzzle thanks.


Thank you.

Cute puzzle



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