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apache trail, 2-20-2019 Mikie, Maggie & Avie

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  1. Behrfoot13:07
  2. margitsz13:42
  3. mrbig463314:05
  4. pholmes16:52
  5. mighty_G17:14
  6. christ78718:51
  7. bhelen19:46
  8. jmen21:44
  9. louhinaz25:27
  10. metske26:06


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bhelen: thanks for the compliments. Yes, Mikie-boy is stunningly handsome ... the 'Tom Selleck' of dogs! My sister was visiting me from Indiana and wanted to hike an AZ trail. Saw a few other old people, and small critters. A few days later we saw on the news that someone had been bitten by a rattlesnake on this same trail! :o


Great photo...and what a gorgeous dog!!! ~ I'm not much of an outdoors person, but I bet walking this trail is full of all kinds of surprises...good and bad? Always be safe out there!!!

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