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wobblybear's who's here? 018b cojac500 (medium)

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36 pieces
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With an image of the original 'Kojak' - Telly Savalas.

Jigidi players I have seen along the way, some doing my puzzles and other Jigidi players who post images. Sizes will now be about once every four days (sometimes five), in no particular order.

Additional note (short version):

a) Small - Easy (image without additions)
b) Medium - Not too hard
c) Large - More challenging

All depends on the puzzle.

New information on links 1st January 2021 (CE):
If you have a question, see the long additional notes/FAQs first, posted on image " wobblybear's who's here? Jaynine ", (second image) which may provide an answer. Link here:


To see all my posted creations, click the 'Puzzle' tab, 'Categories' tab and scroll down to the 'Search' box and type or copy in " WWH " (without the speechmarks (it's just how Jigidi works)), and if you are looking for a name specifically, add the name at the end, for example: " WWH Jaynine " (without the speech marks). The WWH stand for: ' wobblybear's who's here?'

*Additional note: As Jaynine alerted me to the broken links, all previous names before no. 136 have the old links. So may be awhile before I can change them (as it will have to be done manually and will take a long time)!

There are 420+ names currently and could take an estimated 3 to 4 years to post just these 420 that I have done so far.

This series and the series: "wobblybear's creations" are all my own making (using a pc and mouse). wobblybear's creations (only) are now FREE to own if you wish for any reason - NO restrictions.
FAQs on this here:


Jigidi players names posted so far (at this post) (in A - Z order):

Please now see this page for a full list of names, (updated periodically) as it makes things easier to update the full list in just ONE place:

(all other lists will be old and outdated)
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  1. TaDah1:00
  2. wobblybear1:04
  3. cado1:11
  4. joemartinez231:20
  5. Daddo1:24
  6. MatBattle1:26
  7. cplewis1:36
  8. clairen1:38
  9. lydiatwo1:47
  10. nukemreet1:51


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To see this person's puzzle page, see here: @cojac500

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