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Wolf statue

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This was my present, still don't know who it
is from.
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Cool! 8D


That's very wise of you .Just enjoy that lovely gift and then maybe one day something/one will come up..♥☺♥☺♥


I waiting a week before I threw out the box, and I saved the label for another week, just got
rid of that last Friday. No, I save any other kind of box that has something important for
at least 6 months. I am enjoying my gift, so what will be will be...


Well that's a way to solve the mystery..Maybe one day you'll hear from him or her !
And BTW follow hubby's piece of advice :never throw boxes out just in case you have to send the item back if it doesn't work properly (computers,smartphones...)
For the time being Just enjoy that lovely gift.


Ardy, finally got through to Amazon, and called them, but now they can't trace it because
I threw the box out, and the label that was addressed to me. Not going to worry about it,
it was a nice gift from someone nice I imagine. Just going to enjoy it. Thanks for the help.


Hope you can make it...


Maybe I will try that later Ardy, thanks for the info. Have to get ready this morning,
think Danny wants to go shopping, I never know until the last minute if he is going
or not, he has so much pain, just have to wait and be ready. Its kinds of fun not
knowing who sent it also. Have a good day ladies.


Sorry Pat,I thought you'd said "half breed" but was wrong obviously . I can understand how much you loved her and what a good "watch dog" she must have been .

Do you know anyone in Kentucky ? Someone who lived nearby when you had your wolf and who's moved there since .You must have so many friends everywhere,you even have one in France !

Anyway this is very puzzling..but so exciting too.
But yes do enjoy that lovely mysterious gift from someone who knows you well and was convinced you'd love it.


How amazing Ardy that you should be able to find that info.It's definitely the statue pat got as a present.
I think you're right ,if Pat is interested in knowing the sender she should contact Amazon.
How thrilling to get a present from an anonymous friend though !


Pat, I Googled, put in wolf statue and got this:

If you wanted to follow up you could contact Amazon and ask. Tell them the card got lost of something and you want to thank the sender.


By the way Andie, I had a full bred Timber Wolf when I lived in Wisconsin, it wasn't a half
breed, she was just wonderful and loving. She loved playing outdoors in the snow, and
loved it when we had company. She had a 20 x 20 fenced in pen, with a insulated dog
house, and I use to bring her in the house once in a while after my dog passed. No dog
ever crossed our property when I had her. One of the neighbors had a big dog that
wouldn't let us walk on our own pier, use to growl at us, but once I had the wolf we
never saw that dog again. I just love wolves, and can't see how anyone could kill them.


It was at my front door, said it came from Amazon, no labels, no notes, nothing. Asked
Danny, and he doesn't know either. Came through Amazon, and bought at a small shop
in KY. Didn't investigate it any further, not knowing what to do. Its lovely and I will enjoy it.
Whomever it was I am enjoying it. Thanks everyone for sharing this with me.


Whoever it is that sends Tiny flowers is very strange ! Would be ok if it were one or two birthdays but 15 to 20 years is a lot not to come forward and declare one's feelings !


What strange stories !
Dear Pat you have somenone close to you who knows you love wolves and had a half breed years ago ..A secret suitor maybe ..but what for a present,it's beautiful and looks very big as well ! And Ardy has asked you the good questions : in the mail or on your doorstep??


Wow, it's beautiful. Must be from someone who knows that you are wolflady.

My old neighbor Tiny (Action's mom) has something like that. Every year, on her birthday, she gets a bouquet of flowers. It's already for about 15-20 years. She has no idea who it comes from. The florist doesn't know, it's always ordered in the shop and payed by cash.


It's beautiful, Pat. No clues as to the giver? Did it come in the mail or appear at your door? That's a real interesting mystery. Thanks for sharing this beautiful art piece.

Why this advertisement?