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SpaceX SuperDraco Rocket Engines

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On 29 May 2014, SpaceX unveiled their new version of the Dragon space capsule. Dragon V1 has made 4 successful cargo flights to the International Space Station (ISS). Dragon V2 will be capable of carrying 7 astronauts to the ISS. Each of the 8 SuperDraco engines provides 16,000 lbf of thrust. They use mono-methyl hydrazine and nitrogen tetroxide as the fuel and oxidizer. The SuperDraco engines will be used for an inflight escape system and to allow propulsive landings without using parachutes.

SpaceX is looking at starting Dragon V2 test flights in 2014 and continuing into 2015.
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Although NASA was the initial contributor to space flight, privatization & civilian enterprize has proven to be fully capable of taking this Nation to & past the limits of space travel, most probably at a much less expensive & more timely fashion. Its great to see SpaceX & the other developers getting on top of this countries future needs.

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