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I`d Like To Be, Under The Sea: Anemones!! ~ Large

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  1. redwine7317:14
  2. karenbyassee9:45
  3. kwek10:30
  4. Abolvig11:27
  5. Troldemor11:33
  6. serenity11:34
  7. Charlotte1311:50
  8. kirke7112:05
  9. Purplestar713:19
  10. liska13:24


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LOLOL! The next comment WAS from you! I just replied to your previous three comments, on Stained Glass, Silk Yarn and Topaz. And here you are on Anemones too. Boy! You've been busy catching up! And you are SO right. These do look a lot like jelly fish! I'm so glad you have fun with them Dagmar. :)))


Finally I managed to get round to them, I have been looking at them for quite some time. You know I love this size. They look absolutely ethereal, a bit like jellyfish floating in the ocean :)) I suppose Anemones and jellyfish are related somehow anyway :)) Thanks for some big fun in the afternoon.


What an amazing coincidence, Gail! I'm just having a play with makiing kaleidos from crochet rugs! And the early signs are good!! LOL

And I'm really happy that you enjoyed my anemones. :)))


Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. It's like looking through a kaleidoscope microscope at these amazing sea creatures. While I working them some of the pieces looked like fine thread crochet:) I love them all!


It never fails to astound me when you tackle a biggie, Ardy! :)))



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