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Bizarre Town Hi Res - large

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442 pieces
45 solves
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A high res version of the puzzle, thanks to Kirsten
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  1. fiohen1:41:11
  2. kiki8151:50:41
  3. wizr0b1:52:16
  4. BanannieBoo3:14:50
  5. spanner3:26:18
  6. calluna3:26:30
  7. emmacm3:26:59
  8. anther3:32:32
  9. disme3:35:43
  10. diannef3:38:45


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Wow! That's a blast from the past ! Glad you enjoyed it, we certainly need lots to entertain us at this challenging time ! Cheers :))


Just found this looking at other puzzles. Very suitable for "stay at home" at present. Thank you GoldenCat (*~*)


A wonderfully detailed and colourful challenge! Must have been really something in real life. Glad I clicked on your avatar on one of (Tugman) John's jigs and found this . . . thanks so much for posting! :-))


I'm so glad you enjoyed it kiwikaryn & berlioz, I am absolutely in awe of the time you have spent - that is true dedication. Even with the hi-res version, some of the very small details are not clear - it was a lovely puzzle to do life size - I have regretfully broken it up & given it to a friend who is an equal jigsaw tragic! Cheers :))


What an incredible drawing this is! And a very challenging puzzle, but well worth the time and effort. Thanks!


Certainly a Bizarre Town. Many times I gave up but then another piece would slot in and I was hooked again. Thankyou for posting this amazing puzzle. Cheers

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