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For Bishka and Pat :)

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Last sunday Pat (wolflady) adopted Bishka! Welcome home and to the Jigidi family Bishka!
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  1. Nixamira1:22
  2. SamSammy1:30
  3. sararocks1:40
  4. sammiegirl1:44
  5. pusleeva1:48
  6. aremgee1:58
  7. judyjjinx2:01
  8. Oldheg2:05
  9. syfmp2:05
  10. lambchop2:08


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Thanks so much Yvonne, it is lovely & you are so talented, I could never do this. I will
be posting pictures over the weekend. Thanks to all my friends on Jigidi, couldn't have
made it through all this without all of you. Bishka is 6 years old & been adopted before,
and I think abused. She is so loving & gives lots of kisses. She is so afraid I am going
to leave her she follows me everything. Last night was the first night she went in the
other room on her bed & was away from me for 45 minutes. She is wonderful.
Thanks everyone for all your support. Love & hugs, smooches from Bishka. Special
cuddles for Sammy with lots of love & hugs to Yvonne & Sammy.


♥ My pleasure Lynn! I'm just happy for them both! Cuddles for Honey, hugs :))


Congratulations to Pat on the adoption of Bishka. She's a beautiful girl. So nice that you found each other. Enjoy. Thanks, Yvonne, for posting.


♥ Hello Sara, Aggie, Ardy and Florrie! I'm so very happy for them both too! They both are lucky to have found each other! And Pat will be happy with all your lovely comments! Pat doesn't want to scare Bishka with her camera just yet but in time we will see a lot of her! Of that I'm sure! Love and hugs to you all :))


I was doing other things this morning so am just now getting to Jigidi. I noticed Pat had told me she had a new girlfriend. Now I find out a name and get to see her. German Shepherds are one of my favorite dogs. Thanks, Yvonne. Good choice Pat. May you two be very happy together.

Hi Yvonne,........Hi Pat....I'm so glad you decided to share your 'love' with a new friend, they say you can't change the world, but you sure changed the world for 'Bishka' ...what a lucky dog to have been found by you...I know you'll keep sharing with us and I'll watch your sight for pictures....Hugs to Everyone...I'm 'so happy'

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