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Bird Watching

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Blizzard and Stormy watching the birds.
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  4. ladena0:41
  5. Ianto0:42
  6. Barbie710:42
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We got Stormy a year after Blizzard. We have been very lucky. A little wrestling and hissing once in a while....but that is all so far.


Looks like they are very easy in eachother's company, Jenny. I had two cats - sisters from the same litter - and they were devoted to eachother when growing up, but they then set up a territorial battle and kept spraying everywhere - mostly the boundaries so it was the curtains and, strangely, anything shiny or reflective. I rehomed one to a lovely lady who lived on a farm and doted on her, and kept the other one who had the most difficult spraying problem. She never did get over it and would spray if my daughter brought a new boyfriend home or if something in the house changed. I kept her until she passed away, sadly, when coming round from a routine operation to have some teeth removed. Her name was Connnie and she was the very first jigidi puzzle I posted! I still miss her very much. Thanks for sharing your two beauties. Nicky (England, UK).


So sweet!!! Love your low windows so they can see out. :)))) And you give them good names, yes.


My husband wanted to name her Smokey......I told him no, she needed a better name more like her brothers.. and then it came to me.....STORMY. If we get another I will have to think hard for a name...


Aw, love this, thanks. Love the kitties names.

True story, my son, who is very much a geography academic, didn't connect the dots on the names of one of his friend's kitties: one was Fairbanks and the other was Juneau. It was a "duh" moment when he realized what the names signified. ; )

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