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An Artist’s Retreat

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  1. Lo8812:20
  2. Nordsee6413:28
  3. tadrcd15:27
  4. l_bethoney15:29
  5. juljacho15:47
  6. hobbes15:55
  7. toneb16:02
  8. xyz216:21
  9. awarden16:26
  10. lidam16:43


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Nope, just bring you. That's what's important.
My GOODNESS!!!! Some really serious stuff Annie!
I'll make all the "fixin's" heart healthy!!
Will make it low cholesterol (for me)
Glad to know you are feeling pretty good...Yep, one day at a time :o)


That sounds great!! Can I bring anything? Was in the hospital because of my heart. I had a 5 pass heart surgery in 2014 and I can't have another bypass. (I never want one again! The pain is indescribably). They are working with meds now. Yippee. :0(
One day at a time. Our lives are in God's hands. I'm feeling pretty good considering.

Sounds great!!
I will meet you there and fix you a great lunch with all the fixin's!
Sure hope you are better and on the "mend".
Take care, Annie....GOD BLESS :o)


I'll meet your there. I need the rest. Been in the hospital for 3 days. I could use the peaceful sound of that river.

Another great home I could really get used to!
Thank you :o)


Your welcome. I love this, too.


Just a lovely, peaceful painting. Thanks Annie for the puzzle.

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