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I have the same opinion as you about cleaning, except that I am more strict about no carpets and washable bed covers or other textiles that cannot be cleaned.

When people do illegal things they do not understand that they first attack themselves, because they add to fear within them. In my opinion no thinking human can prevent this. And fear adds to pain. The worse is even the sadistic who just do harm for pleasure, which was in my case most of the damage arose because they were bored and had nothing to do, employees of a big company, and of course no way to pursue them, because their cover up protects them. Yes we are the only species that does damage to ourself.


Most of our collectibles are in glass cabinets which are still in Rochester. I'm taking bets (kidding) on how much glass actually makes it to Maine. I'm not an obsessive duster since you lift it up and it falls back down. Also, we don't smoke and don't allow it around us and it helps keep the dust down. Here our heat will not be force air and that should help. In any event vacuum cleaners do a suitable job with the brush attachment. I hate cleaning...... It's such a waste of time. I like to clean when I can see the dirt so I know I'm accomplishing something. LOL

I don't understand why humans are so mean to each other. I have sayings I call Joannisms. One of my latest is: “Humans are big and smart but stupid idiots". Explanation: We are big and smart providing us with excellent tools of survival. We are stupid idiots because we can’t get along with our own species. We use our intelligence to create weapons but are stupid idiots because these weapons could wipe out the entire population.


I saw your huge windows and here our concern would be heating cost but I know for you it's not an issue because of solar panels. The worst part about the criminals was identity theft undiscovered for long that destabilised all business and personal relations we had, and of course the finances. To imagine someone steals a "wishingwell" is perverted. 30 years ago I put the ski or bike rack next to my car outside the building and went upstairs to get a screwdriver less than a minute a car stopped and they were already dismembering it to take it. This was unbelievable those days ago when everyone still left the doors unlocked days and night. I'm glad I don't have to dust your museum exhibits.


I never commented on your criminal invasion but I know the feeling of distrust is worse than anything they steal. We had a beautiful Amish wishing well at my other home we installed over manhole covers on our front lawn. It was about 2 months after we purchased it that it disappeared. I have a suspicion my "neighbor from hell" had something to do with it but at that time we didn't have cameras. Now we do and now we will. The feeling of being violated is awful and they weren't even in my home. I'm a bit concerned because the 1st floor windows of our new build are huge. It's not what I wanted except for the lake side. Roy didn't catch it in the architect rendering and I'm clueless when it comes to the specs.

I wish you could help us move. We have way too much stuff because we collected when we couldn't have children or animals. I live in a museum. YIKES!! We love our stuff though.

Here's some hugs for you (((( )))).


Now I see what you mean by trim this is not common here. We have a very old house there is a kind of trim but not as wide and painted same color than the rest you know which one lol. I wish I could help you moving in I can walk many hours a day and carry some weight. I feel kind of useless at the moment since the criminals long ago I am not yet in my usual track but my partner and I are recovering. Now I will check your puzzles.


Thanks for telling me about Kirsten's purple puzzle. Yep, I had it bookmarked along with the 100s of others. We are painting the trim now. I'll do a puzzle of one of the rooms so you can see what I'm talking about. Darker colors than the walls around the windows and doors and the floor trim will be the same color as the walls. The flooring is supposed to be delivered next week. Once that is installed, starting with the upper floor, they'll cut and nail the trim we are painting. My back is sore but if I regularly sit down and rest, it's bearable. Moving everything in will be a real challenge physically. At least this time, there will be no rush as there was when we closed up our other house. I hope all is well with you.


Hi Joanne it's good to know that different pattern sizes are welcomed. I have been thinking of you wondering if you are progressing well in the final phase of construction and hoping your back does not prevent you from doing the work you need to do. And I was thinking of you also because of Randomworship's purple Amethyst kaleidoscopes. It's not the easiest one but large puzzles offer some brain work. Just in case you haven't seen it being too busy outside Jigidi.


Hi Advia, I'm glad you enjoy creating these because I love assembling them. This was a favorite because of your little surprise - the small and the larger patterns. It was fun to distinguish the difference. Thank you for sharing your creativity.


Thank you Tiger. It is a lot of fun to make these puzzles, and when I see solvers from different places of the world enjoy it, it adds to the fun.


This was another of your very fine puzzles Advia. Enjoy your design and colors. Please keep them coming kiddo as I truly enjoy working them. The Tiger.


You are very welcome Mahalo.

Thanks for another lovely puzzle.


Thank you lumadi, I wish you Happy Holidays too.

bello continuo con altri, buone vacanze


Thank you Bob and Vicki, I also wish you great holiday.

Another beautiful puzzle. Thanks, Vicki

I enjoy your work. Have a great holiday.


Thank you for your comments garner and Jason. Strangely our Carnival starts Nov. 11 and but celebrated in February :-)


Carnival time :-)

Thank you, Advia.

Best regards,

A much fun puzzle - Thank you.