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I'm hidden...

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Why are you reporting this puzzle? the little toilet room, because I and mum can't bear this heat - sorry!
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  1. anan6:17
  2. jigidizzy6:26
  3. Impie6:37
  4. DeDonder6:48
  5. tisketsmum7:01
  6. babray7:26
  7. lindaleigh8:04
  8. cbmuller8:13
  9. Prune8:21
  10. tirol9:14


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Welcome Back, Jimmy! We miss you & your Mum!


Despite the heat I'm very happy to see you again Jimmy Bro.
I'm sorry you missed the 'cool' Birthday Party at Milly's last Wedsnesday. We've all been in a circle holding paws and mentioned names of those who weren't there and we also mentioned your name!
Please ask your mum to make a note in her agenda for 12.September when Tisket will celebrate her 15th Birthday. I hope to be present then too of course and would love to see you again. Hugs Goofie ♥☺♥

How are you doing maegi? ♥


Jimmy, has mum got any of those gel or grain filled things you can put in the microwave to place on joints or skin you want to feel warm? Well, my mum puts them in the freezer too then puts a cold pack under my blanket which helps keep me cool. Maybe she could try this for you both? Love Tisket xx


It's good to see you dear Jimmy...I wish to see you more....
If not before, then see you on September the 4th.
Stay well maegi, all the best!!


Jimmy, I absolutely understand how you have to find the coolest spot when the heat becomes too much for you. That happens to me often in summer so I hope both you and your loving mum managed to cool down. maegi, I do hope your eye problem is improving for you. ☺☺☺☺


I'm sorry it's so hot there and I hope it cools down soon.


I know just how you feel...


If you and your mum need a break from it, Jimmy, come and visit us in Wales... It hasn't been hot here for a couple of weeks (at least!).

Hope your health is better, Maegi - good to see you.

Oh poor Jimmy! I hope it cools down soon for both your sakes. Wonderful to see our little friend again. Thank you, Maegi.

What a beautiful kitty!

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