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With William 27.1.2015 at Leamington, NZ

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This was taken, the day we had seen the neurologist and Len had learned he had Parkinson's, at our daughters with our grandson, William.
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That's a great picture!! I am praying for you and Len and your wonderful family.


Such difficult news to cope with, Phyllis. Thoughts and prayers are with you and yours. x


Don't these things cause us to believe in God, Nev, and that he cares about us. I know, I have no doubt that I would never have gotten through these years, being disabled and all the attendant issues, without my faith, and knowing that the Lord does care for me. It would interesting to know perhaps, and maybe not, how many of us on Jigidi have something that we've needed help with along the line.

Nev, I think your Marge has a real gift, that picture yesterday, had I had any doubt, would have proved otherwise. Blessings my friend and many of them too:-)


Thanks Phyllis, I'm glad she hasn't any idea of it. We hope we can keep her healthy as long as possible. We don't want her to suffer. Let's hope we have another year. Hugs dear. ♥♥♥


I just thought of something Micky, you know uncle Len has a melanoma [tumour] right by his lung too. So mum and I will both have someone we love and have to look after with much the same issue.


Oh Micky, what sad news you have for me today. Is there any way the Dr can be wrong, I don't like to think of you not being well, I know that your mom and your dad will take very good care of you, they have been exceptional parents I know, perhaps the greatest gift has been them sharing you with us all, everyone just loves you Micky. I know your mom will read you this and maybe she will have a tear as she does, so Micky you will need to be very strong for her too. Just like I have to be with uncle Len ok sweetie. We'll just have to talk like this again, but for now just know that if I could wave a wand and you'd be well I would. Life just isn't like that though is it!

Tell mom I'm sending lots of love with this message and that if she closes her eyes she might just feel me giving her a her a huge hug and one for you and dad too. Goodnight little one much love auntie Phyllis xxxx


Good morning dear Phyllis. How wonderful to see you back. I've missed you. That is sad news about Len, but they can do wonderful things now. My friend had an operation on her brain and she's driving again. We have all missed you a LOT! hugs.


I enjoyed solving your puzzles. (Had already saved them when e-mailed to me.) Thanks.
~So sorry to hear about Micky. I know Ank is taking good care of her.


And another lovely photo as well, Phyllis.


Aunt Phyllis it is hard to tell, but I have bad news about my health. I wrote it on my puzzles a few weeks ago. Mom took me to the vet because I drink too much. After many medical examinations I was sent to a specialist and that vet had very bad news for us. I have a tumor in my adrenal gland and the CAT / CT scan showed that there are metastases in the lungs. The doctors have mom advised to not operate. Surgery will shorten my life. The expectation is between a half and one and a half years. I still feel very healthy. At the veterinary clinic of the University they will make special medicine for me that should suppress symptoms. Most likely they will be ready next week. I'm sorry I have to tel you this news auntie. We have had a few very bad days but we decided to go on on the normal way. We stay happy and optimistic and hope I will have another long time. Have a bowwow night dear auntie. Many lovely licks. ♥♥♥


Glad to know you even just in photo Phyllis!


Dear, sweet Micky, you make me happy too you know. I'm glad you like the photo. Uncle Len is fast asleep, so I will give him your message in the morning, and you are so right Micky, Parkinson's is not a 'death sentence' Love you to bits sweetie. Hugs and woof woofs, give your mum and dad a lovely lick from me please. xxx


Yapyap aunt Phyllis, how nice to see a recent photo of you. I love it. Of course it's nice to see uncle Len and William too. But I special love the right part of the photo. ☺
Uncle Len, Parkinson is not nice, but at your age Parkinson will not become very bad. With good medication you can keep it good under control. I wish you the best. ☺ Aunt Phyllis you made me happy. Have a great evening. Lovely licks. ♥♥♥

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