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Nuttall's Woodpeckers, Father and Son, Horse Park Trail, Del Mar, California

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It has been a couple of weeks since I walked the Horse Park trail, but I went yesterday. I took a quick look at the dead tree where the woodpeckers had nested, but I expected the chicks to be long gone. On my way back about 20 minutes later, I was surprised to see a head poking out of the nest hole. The glimpse of red on top made me think it was Dad. Mom showed up with an insect in her beak and then Dad showed up on the tree below Mom. That's when I realized that the head sticking out of the hole, the head with adult face markings, was a chick! I took hundreds of photos, but there was always a red spot on the chick's head, so either there is only one chick or all the chicks are male. Made my day. I don't think I've ever seen a woodpecker chick before. :-)
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Thanks, Wendy!

Well, luck has been defined as being prepared and being certainly position yourself to be lucky! And I appreciated the results!


It was great, Wendy! And pure luck. :-)

What a thrill!


Great to see this!!
When I still lived in my wood-house we once had a woodpeckers nest quite near our house. The parents seemed to have 1 chick. To our idea the chick came out of the nest too soon. Perhaps fell or tried to fly?? We saw it walking/climbing underneath the tree, and it was fed there that day. Didn't see it or the parents the next day........ But I did make pictures of it that first day (telelens!).


Thank you all! I was really surprised when I realized this was still a chick.

Wonderful experience, delightful photo.


Oh my!!!! What a moment for you!!!! Thank you for sharing it with us, Ginni!


WOW. What a delightful experience for you, Ginni. Thanks for sharing it.


Home schooling!! :-))


WOW! We had a fledg . . . well, looked a bit more than a fledgling when we saw him (or her) last summer and the red on the head hadn't yet appeared. Later -- maybe two or three weeks later, there was a sort of smudge of red. But these guys are still in the nest and already have serious red.

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