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Only one guy hiding here. Clue in comments later, if needed.

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  1. Ribs0:16
  2. Ianto0:19
  3. tisketsmum0:26
  4. kareng0:27
  5. wshealy0:28
  6. arthurleach0:29
  7. Kittymom20:29
  8. Zos10:30
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I see a complete bunny - with ears.

Looks like a bunny, except I can’t see its ears


OK I see the bunny now. LOL when animals don't wish to be seen...right there in plain sight!

It took a couple minutes :-)


I see the head of the bunny now. I was seeing the hindquarters but kept see a neck with head looking up and having a long bill. I was confused because the back end was furry rather than feathered. I can see the bunny head and eye better in this smaller size. Thanks, Marion.


Thought I saw a great big (truly ugly) toad! Did the puzzle, looked hard and close--and finally, there it was. Talk about camouflage!


It's a cottontail rabbit, folks...well done. @Kittymom2- Don't feel bad...I can see what you mean about a leopard on top of the rock, but can you see the bunny now? He's pretty well camouflaged in all the "busy" stuff around him. Guess you all won't need the photo repeated tomorrow with the circled answer, right?


I found a rabbit right away, or is it a hare?

A zase to oko... díky Marion


jumped right out at me

I see what Kittymom2 sees. Could be a bunny -- some furry little being.

If the puzzle was divided into quarters, I think it would be in the top right corner of the bottom left hand quarter (if that makes sense) just in front of the big boulder. I think it is a rabbit or hare.
Fun doing this puzzle with a bonus looking for something thank you.


I think right at the top of that center-front rock...looks like a leopard?

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