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Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe, San Francisco mid-50s

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As our hero John McClane proudly blurts out, "Yippee-ki-yay, motherf***er”. I luv that guy....


Right? Like walking out in the middle of a movie! Happy trails, Merrie!

Amen to mpp! Hang in there! We hung in for the worst of the bucking on this year's bronc, lets see how far we can gallop before we hit the sunset.


The 'morose factor' has galloped off... go to the kitchen - Mischka says it's National Coffee Ice Cream Day. That should help. We got this far into 2020, let's see how the s.o.b. finishes...


This may be a good time for a brief intermission while I contemplate... turn the car on and close the garage door? my Glock model 19? or a short walk of the edge of the Fourth Avenue overpass? hmmmm... decisions, decisions....


My apologies mpp, but I thought my Joe DiMaggio comment was a bit "over the top"... up and over the normal threshold of my usual nonsense. And you must remember, I must not just consider you faithful readership, but I must also consider the tolerance of your multitudes of fans that flock to your puzzles on a daily basis. Not everyone possesses a cast iron stomach such as yours. When you start handing out samples of Pepto-Bismal, I will feel more comfortable about leaving my comments intact.


mpp... I'm thinking if Jayne Mansfield had bigger air bags, she would have been a bigger star and would still be with us today....

And if YOUR theory is correct, mpp, I am sure the "comfort factor" is disproportionately greater in the later years of life, when people are more tired, less confident in their appeal and succumb to the reality of the 'end is near and I think I can withstand another year of being alone together'

uh-oh.... I think the morose factor just got turned up a notch


DON'T APOLOGIZE TO THE CLEAN-UP CREW! Apologize to me 'cause I keep responding to... air. You may not be 100% invisible, but your replies are...


I am convinced that a large portion of the married population stay together because it's comfortable, not because they are in love.

If your theory is correct, TIM, why wasn't Jayne Mansfield an even bigger star?


On second thought, I think the intended victim of my original comment has read my jibberish and this, being the first week of a new month, I think it best to remove my comment in it's entirety. I'm sure the clean-up crew must be exhausted from cleaning up similar comments during the entire month of August, so..... Rest up clean-up crew! September is a month of focusing on refocusing, which means bigger and better jibberish...

note: Like the other months, the name 'September' comes from the ancient Romans. It comes from the Latin septum, meaning “seven“.... and yet September is the ninth month. Obviously the name 'September' was suggested by, voted on and approved by the congress of the USA.... dem congressmen... dais is always thinkin'...


@Mrgoodboy - roses, her favorite, appeared at her grave for years. It was later found out that Mr. DiMaggio was sending them.


Fiona, Marilyn never had children, much to her sadness. She had a miscarriage at least once. We had a very good Canadian friend who was a musician in some of the 40s and 50s big bands in the US and he knew a lot of the stars back then, Marilyn included. It was something special to actually know someone who knew her and others first hand. ♪♥♥♫

I read that he visited her grave every day as long as he lived. He was a good faithful man.


Did Marilyn have any children?

I know that I can look it up, but it seems more entertaining to ask here.


In spite of the pain, a love that deep is to be cherished. What I find sad are the people who don't have the highs and lows.


A rare photo and rare glimpse into their private lives. He certainly never got over Marilyn's death to his own dying day and so sad. She was the most beautiful and clever lady and a very good actress. ♪♥♥♫

It was sad for both of them.


Sounds like she couldn't stay with anyone. We all have demons and make bad choices...


He really did love her. If she had stayed with him. she might have lived a long and happier life.