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Greetings from Riley

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Hello my Jigidi friends! Just wanted to say hello to you as I lounge around in my condo.
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Thanks so much, Beyondwords. I will do my best!! ☺☺

It's so much fun to see Mr. Riley having fun. The next time you visit your daughter and Mr. Riley, please do your best to get some new photos.


Hi Londalynn, I believe Riley will be 2 years old in July, as near as we can tell. He got that condo for Christmas in 2018, a couple of months after he arrived at his "forever" home. The white fluffy thing above him is a toy that is fastened to the condo. I'm not sure if he ever plays with it though. I will be seeing him today, so I'll ask my daughter about it! ☺☺ Have a great day!


Sharing a new perspective!
What is Riley's age? Did he get this condo for Christmas?
What is that white fluffy thing above him?


Thank you for your kind comments, Nillie!


Hi sweet baby, so good to see you again!!! Thanks GG, Mr. Riley is definitely a lucky happy kittie♥


Thank you, Tisketsmum!


Hey Riley, that's some condo you have there. You look just perfect up there.


Thank you, and you are welcome, Returner!


I can see Riley is good at having silly moments! And soooooo relaxed at it. Thanks for posting, GG..


Thank you, Impie! Yes, Riley was having a "silly moment" for sure here. I miss seeing Willow and Milly on Jigidi.

Thank you, Mizme!

Back at you Mr. Riley. So glad you have such a great forever home. We enjoy looking in at you and yours.


Hello Riley, good to see you again....oh my, what a beautiful condo you're 'hanging out' in! ♥

Thanks for sharing this lovely photo of Riley, also reminds me of a photo of our dear friend Sue's kitty Willow where she was having a 'silly moment'! ☺♥☺

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