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Bondi Beach

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We thought we would be attacked by flies but no, they had all gone to Uluru. The light was so bright and the sand was perfect to walk on but too fine to make sandcastles LOL!


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You were very brave moving to an area unknown to you both, and so lucky it turned out so well.
The seafront property looks wonderful and I can understand the high price, but they will sell.
Home is where the heart is, it doesn't matter how much it costs if you are happy, it's priceless.
Stay safe Bren.


It was a good move. If my sister hadn't come down from Newcastle across the Moors and stuck a pin in a map - literally - and arrived back in Bromley having signed on the line, we would never have thought of moving here. Neither Kate or myself had ben to Filey. The closest we had been was Bridlington, which is 11 miles south of here and a real (grotty) sea side town.
But this is a strange 'time warp'. People who come back years and years after they came as children say nothing has changed. Yes, there's new development as there is everywhere, but the sea front and houses along there haven't changed. One 3 bedroom flat, overlooking the sea, is on the market for £650 000 and anything overlooking the sea is expensive. They are doing a beautiful restoration of an old nursing home, and the ones overlooking the sea were £695 000

The photos were taken last year but now the scaffolding is down, it is fantastic.

I hasten to add, my house did not cost anything like it!! But I am very happy with mine. I love its position, tucked away next to the cemetery (final move!) and it was the best move ever. You should come one day.


It must be when the wind is in the right direction you can hear it. I love the sound of the sea rippling onto the sea shore. You are so lucky to be so close to it.


My walk to the sea is about three quarters of a mile. There are some nights when I can hear nothing, absolutely nothing and others when I can hear the sea. It certainly beats Bromley


How far away from the beach do you live Bren?


It was obviously taken during ‘lockdown’ last week but even when we are ‘business as usual’ it is never really crowded. I was amazed to see just how far out the sea went on a really low tide. As you can see, there is no ‘seaside’ development- one small arcade by the lifeboat station and in normal times, a bouncy castle. I love it here.


I can see what you mean Bren, the video is showing how beautiful the beach really is.


Thanks for the video link. Drones sure have their uses; neat perspective! And, yes, it really does look fabulous. :-DD


Hi Irene - but it is a beautiful walk and as there were so few people, we didn’t have to fight our way to the water.
Almost as good as Filey!

Someone filmed Filey from a drone just last week. It is on YouTube . You can see what a fabulous place it is


Lovely - beach perfection!


Beautiful, and a long walk down to the water.