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πŸ‚πŸŽ¨ πŸ–ŒοΈ Echoes of autumn πŸ–ŒοΈπŸŽ¨πŸ‚

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Dry inflorescence Dipsacus sativus
This interesting plant is widespread in Europe, Asia and North America, where it was brought as an aid in combing plant fibers. The biennial herb grows on poor soils, its root has been used in folk medicine and its dry flowers are often the dominant element in autumn plant arrangements.
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Iri, I'm happy for our meeting. Your grandson will be a year old, you are definitely very happy with him. If we could stop time ... but we can't do that, unfortunately. Enjoy every precious moment with your family, I wish you all a lot of joy and health β™₯:))


Good evening, Dea, I hope you're okay ... and it was just a lack of time. I also had longer breaks now. The grandson is ten months old and he is very cute. Time runs quickly.


Suzy, those are interesting things, aren't they? A randomly taken photo of dry inflorescences will lead us to such interesting stories. Jerry's story is so interesting, the histroy breathes on us. Thank you both my friends β™₯:))


Jerry, it's amazing, such a find, it's an adventure ... and it's old age! It's admirable that those dry sticks lasted. They must have enjoyed your generosity at the museum β™₯:))


There are many uses for what some think of as a "weed". Thank you for highlighting its beauty, Deanna!
@jerrys One can never tell what treasures will be in one of those "boxes" at an auction! Great find for you and the museum. Thank you for sharing your story!


@Deanna Many years ago I bought at auction a box of miscellaneous things. In the box was a small rectangular wooden frame with beautifully joined corners and a simple, turned handle attached, centered on one long side. Within the frame, held in place with wine wire, arranged next to each other was a set of five dried teasel heads set perpendicular to the side of the frame with the handle. I didn't know what it was, but my grandmother recognized it as a primitive carding comb used to separate wool fibers to prepare them for spinning. A friend who was on staff at a museum confirmed it and dated it to around 1800. I donated it to the collection there where it was placed in a tableau of early cottage industry.


@Deanna :-}}


Iris, I like to see your nice smile, I've missed it for a long time. I'm glad to see you again and thank you for your brief picture message β™₯:))


Jerry, thank you for sharing other interesting information about this plant. I know it originally came from Eurasia and was brought to America for the reasons you describe, I just didn't know the technology it was used for. The historical context is so interesting, thank you for adding it, I'm glad you like this photo, many greetings, my friend β™₯:))


Dear Iri, meeting you after a long time, that's a lot of memories coming to my mind, I'm happy to see you again. I hope it won't be such a long break this time and we'll be in touch more often. How is your little beautiful liitle grandson? I think you've celebrated his first birthday, am I right? β™₯:))


Lever2011 Thank you for clarifying the name of this plant. Because I don't know the names of plants and animals in different languages, I use Latin names. They are universal and everyone can easily find a name in their own language accordingly. In any case, I'm very glad you added an English name to me, it's nice of you β™₯:))




@Deanna Teasel is one of the most useful of invasive plants. Medicinal benefits are attributed to its roots, its dried flowerhead was used in the textile industry from combing raw fiber to felting finished woolen goods. Wonderful view of the dried head. Thanks.


Hi Dea, welcome back. I believed you would come back. Good luck, good luck in 2022. Thanks for the beautiful thistles.


This is called TEASEL.

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