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Silly Dog

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Do you realize how much physiotherapy us humans would need to get "unfolded" from this position? I envy animals. I just love this picture..............Wendy


I see his eyes are open....I think he's playing...and when anyone touches him, he will literally unfold, in milliseconds, and scare the (yep!) ---- out of you!


Seriously???? How on earth can this dog be truly comfortable? I'm still laughing.............Wendy

His head is there if you follow his torso, again, my cat used to turn his head upside down so his face was facing up when he was sleeping on his side, so I am kind of used to this, it's just the positioning of the legs and paws that throws one off, and yes, it really does look uncomfortable...Sherry

Good grief.....I think the head is separated from his body!! Shouldn't it be at the upper left of the picture?

Attach part a to part k?


If I slept like this, I probably wouldn't be able to walk in the morning and talk about a kinked-up neck...good lord!


This puppy must think this is comfortable, but for the life of me I don't understand how it could be.


Position is everything in life! Apparently. WOW! Wish I could bend like that!

Good lord, I couldn't figure out what I was looking at...okay, this is just weird, or maybe it isn't. My male cat used to curl up and lie with his head on the floor, just slightly over a bit.. If you look at the body of the dog, that's what he's doing and then just arranging his legs. But it really does look weird from the side. Somehow it must be comfortable...Sherry :)))


Hope no tools were required, just bendable parts. :-))

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