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An orchid from Hawaii
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I do the same thing, Ardy. I forget to solve because I enjoy the comments so much. BTW, I will be going back to Hawaii in February of next year. I'm sure looking forward to that. (((HUGS)))!


Sandi, you may not see this but I just discovered I never solved the puzzle. That happens sometimes when I get too caught up in the comments and forget to solve. I was a slow 23 seconds though. I came to your profile page because on he sunrise puzzle I just posted the comments name was sando. I was surprised when it brought me here when I checked on it. Thanks again dear friend. ((HUGS))


Thank you Irena and Taisia. Jigidi birthdays are so much fun. Sandi, we visited Orchids of Hawaii - really beautiful flowers. The next year for Helen's birthday we had a Hawaiian theme party and ordered an orchid lei for her and individual bamboo orchid pins for everyone else from them. So fun.


This was for Ardy's Birthday in April! We visited an orchid farm while on the big island of Hawaii. I could have spent several days there. So much beauty!


Wishing you all the best, Ardy! Enjoy your happy day!♥


Very beautiful greeting card for Ardy. Thanks for orchids. Have a nice day nice ladies and greetings for you!


TFS, this beautiful exotic Hawaii orchid.☣️


You are correct, Mariolyn. Looks like you have been much more active than I. I mostly solve in early mornings. I love being outdoors, so when the weather permits, that's where I'll be.


You joined Jigidi 5 days before me. We're coming up to our 8th Jigidi anniversary.


Thank you bhnana. Never too late. I did have a wonderful day.

Thanks again, Sandi.

Happy B-Day Ardy. Hope I'm not too late...and your having a wonderful day. :)


lol - Don't be too sure about that, Ardy! :-D


Thanks, Pam. I'm sure it would sound better than if I were to sing it. ☺


Gorgeous birthday card for Ardy, Sandy... :-))

lol - You may want to cover your ears, Ardy, as I sing out Happy Birthday to you!! :-))


Thank you, Ladywil and Eva, I am very thankful for all me dear friends. Hugs.


Lovely photo and wish I could smell their aroma. Thanks Sandi ❤️❤️

Ardy, you are loved and thought of on your special day! Enjoy..Hugs❤️❤️


Happy birthday, Ardy.
What a beautiful color of these flowers.


Orchids from Hawaii are extra special and extra, extra special from you. So beautiful. Your card is lovely. Thank you, Sandi. I am enjoying my day so much. You have helped make it even better. ((HUGS))

Jackie, it does make me happy as do your good wishes. Thank you.


Happy Ardy .. Have fun on your special day … Hugs

Love the card Sandi

sandit. you posted beautiful flowers for your friends birthday, I bet it makes her very happy. have a beautiful day.hugs


I wish you much happiness on your birthday, my dear friend. Enjoy YOUR day!

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