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400 pieces
136 solves
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  1. Huggorm28:32
  2. JG54639:23
  3. shadowfax39:47
  4. Clavis40:06
  5. jen4822042:51
  6. Jhonda44:03
  7. funnykat44:09
  8. ladyblue44:56
  9. Purplestar746:47
  10. Puzzel01348:07


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This puzzle was a nice challenge! The colors are especially appropriate for the extreme heat in the United States right now. The temperatures are in the high 90's, with the "feels like" temperatures (due to the humidity) in the mid 100's. Relief is coming this week, though. Thank you for making this puzzle!

Challenging but fun. Thank you.


Loved the challenge of this one, June. Thank you:)


36 minutes for me but that was for the small size


Glad this one was on a weekend - 15 minutes over my average. Thanks June! Top middle for me. :)

Wow! That was quite a challenge! Thanks June.

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