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Artnet News, February 18, 2021

In an Astounding Discovery, Archeologists in Alaska Have Uncovered Italian Glass That Came to America Decades Before Columbus.

Archeologists in Alaska have unearthed a handful of Venetian glass beads they believe to be over 540 years old, making them the earliest European objects discovered on the continent. The blueberry-sized beads traveled some 10,000 miles from Venice to get to the Americas more than five centuries ago. If true, it would mean the marble-sized spheres made it to North America decades before Christopher Columbus did.
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@FosterMomMaria2 - you're very welcome! Thanks for stopping by :-)


thank you!


@JillianB - I'm glad that you found this interesting too. It certainly brings up more questions than answers, doesn't it?


Over 540 years old - far out, that’s incredible. Thanks Rebekka



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