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  1. laurajane0:41
  2. pato680:46
  3. Robbos0:51
  4. TRACEY600:53
  5. Elvislover0:54
  6. like921150:54
  7. allant0:55
  8. GodRob0:56
  9. mariolyn0:58
  10. javasage0:59


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Sandy- Hello my friend, I'm doing so much better now, thank you! It feels so wonderful to be back putting puzzles together again, I've missed it terribly!...Many hugs in return! ;)))

Kathygoog- Wow, I never thought about it that way, but your so right about that! I just love these dewdrop pics, we just bought a macro lens, the next time it rains my hubby and I are going to try for some closeup shots of dewdrops on flowers! Wish me luck!!! :P

Laurajane- Awe, thank you so much Laura, you are so very sweet! I just LOVE getting hugs! Big hugs in return my friend! ;D

Robryan- Hello there Rob, thank you very much, it's so great to see you too, it's been way too long! I've missed everyone so much! :))))))

Dmo06- Thanks so much but it's not my photo, I don't know who the photographer is, as I found it on, they've got tons of dewdrop pics on this site, you should check it out some time! ;)))

Fileusa- Hello there Patricia, awe, that's so sweet of you, it's so great to be back again! I've really missed everyone here on jigidi, and putting all the cool puzzles together! ;D

Mipahollo1- Awe! Thank you very much, I'm so happy you like it as much as I do! I too, think it's absolutely gorgeous! ;)

Annjax- Your so very welcome my Mamacita' I'm really happy that you like it too! Gosh, it is so great to be back to putting puzzles together and posting them too! ;)))))))))


I agree with kathygoog---it's fun to examine the reflected picture, too. Thanks, Monica.............


Wow, this is just plain flat-out gorgeous! I do love red!


Hi Monica...What a perfect picture. It's so good to see you back on jigidi. Hip Hip ....Hooray....
We have all missed you..


Absolutely perfect . Will you enter it in your fairs photography section? Bet it wins first place.


Very pretty Monica - I love the colours too! It's great to see you back:))))


A great big hug for you, Monica!


I love how what you see in the drop does not reflect what you see in the picture! Like seeing two pics at once. Awesome


Oh Monica! So good to see you posting again. I hope you are doing well and have missed you! Hugs


Thank you so much dayn62, I'm so glad you like it! ;)))


WOW Amazing. Thanks for sharing!

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