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Remember the promise

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March 24th @ 6:45 p.m.
Vancouver, Canada
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WOW! Some people are so brave! But it's good that she can rely on you to check up on the kitties if need be. I guess she will still have to wait until this flu crisis is over...which for everyone's sake I hope is sooner rather than later. Wish her luck from the West Coast. And you continue to take care. ❤️❤️❤️


Thanks Faye, I have an invasion of henbit coming into my strawberry patch from my neighbor to the south. It grows around and over the strawberry plants smothering them to death. I sit on my very old metal milk case with an old steak knife digging in the dirt and following all the tiny tendrils this plant has. They are good people. She has to have a foot amputated because it has not healed properly from an accident. Each step she takes on it causes pain. She has reached a point where she is looking forward to the surgery. But now she has to wait. I offered to care for their kitties but they will be alright as she will have surgery here and not in Kansas City. She is supposed to be up walking with her prosthesis 4 weeks post-surgery.


I'm so glad to hear both certainly deserve a break in all the stress, Marilyn. And I hear that you're whipping your garden into shape...I hope you have an abundant strawberry crop! :)))


I read your comment. We all are hanging in there. The promise of the rainbow is a source of strength for me. My husband has been great during this time we are safe at home.


Our schools were supposed to reopen today but they kept both teachers and parents on tenterhooks until yesterday telling them not to report and await further instructions...i.e. online instruction...once they get their act together...whereas, Alberta closed their elementary and high schools until September with their first announcement. Universities are providing online instruction there.

I don't think our schools will reopen but we have had some positive news in BC...our Public Health Officer announced that although they predicted a daily rise in cases of 24%...we have "flattened the curve" to least for now. Who knows what the future holds? Glad you are at peace. ❤️


All the schools are closed with students doing distance learning. They are saying it will be May 1st before we can go back, but I doubt it. Although this is a stressful time, I feel at peace!


Thank you, Ella. We're trying...but when I heard someone on the Business News today say...eight will power? strength? hope? did, you stay strong! ❤️


Beautiful shot! Yes, indeed, a wonderful promise! Glad you're staying safe!


You're very welcome, my Friend. ❤️


Thank you.


I'm glad it did, Ardy. ❤️

P.S. It's not as clear as I'd like it to be but I didn't want to waste time digging out the camera in case it I used the iPad.


So beautiful and vivid. Thanks, Faye. This brought a smile. ♥

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