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The odd couple waiting for breakfast

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  1. babray4:01
  2. bella1234:17
  3. annpusle5:29
  4. scbrown5:29
  5. _k8_5:32
  6. peasterberg6:16
  7. cbmuller6:27
  8. Suzanne626:33
  9. Kayell6:36
  10. loira7:48


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Yes, I totally agree, nillie. ♥


Hi Pammi!
Yes, they certainly do♥ They do♥
And it is wonderful to share it with our Jigidi friends all over the world.....


nillie, I noted the same thing about Gismo's tail. I had never previously noticed how very long it is. Maybe he usually has it tucked in whilst having a snooze. They bring us a lot of entertainment, don't they? ☺☺☺☺


I'll bet they know the exact times the cafeteria opens and closes each day!

Oh, Jimmy, please forgive me. I should have realised that the senior officer would be served first.


Jimmy's tail is much shorter than Gismo's...


Sorry sbl, the one who seems to be "fainted" from hunger is me - Jimmy ;-)

Hahaha! I love the fact that Gismo has "fainted" from hunger, while Jimmy waits stoically to be served. They are so delightful!


maegi, they are so funny. The best of friends but there is an invisible line that neither of them will cross. ♥♥♥

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