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Amaryllis, belladonna growing outside!
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I have them in my yard in southern Wisconsin. As described the leaves come early in Spring and die off, then in early August up pop these beautiful flowers. My neighbors call them Resurrection Lillies, they lived here when they were planted, before I moved in, and they multiply like crazy, I think from the flower's seeds.

The title of the flowers looks like the pic was downloaded from the internet?

Krásne takovou barvu květů jsem ještě neviděla .


Very pretty Fodus. I have these in Oklahoma Jacki, we call them naked ladies. They are the same as Wigma described. You'll see them in the hundreds, they weather outside year round. I've only seen them in pink................Hugs


Na základě vašeho obrázku jsem si zjistila, že lze pěstovat venku i u nás a koupila jsem si cibuli. Ještě ji mám nasadit. Jestli vykvete vám napíši. Děkuji za inspiraci.
Based on your picture, I found that can be grown outdoors in our country and I bought onions. Do I have to deploy it. If you will write blossoms. Thank you for the inspiration.

Krásné, u nás se pěstuje Amarylis jen jako pokojová květina.
Beautiful, in our Amarylis grown only as houseplants.


beautiful. where are you, fodus, that you can grow plants like this outside? thank you.

I'm sorry -
Very beautiful flower, sees her for the first time, thanks for sharing

Very beautiful flower, sees her for the first time, Blankets for sharing.


So unusual fodus.tfp.


Yes, beautiful!




They look like you stuck them in the ground, like Chihuly glass stakes.


Simply Gorgeous


These flowers are amazing,the way they just,
come up,out of the ground with no leaves.
Thanks Fodus,they are very pretty. :-)


Very nice flowers, Fodus. Maybe, let grow around them for example few thyme or calamint, they are still green ;-)


Beautiful, but I have to agree, their stems look a little naked!


They look similar to what we call resurrection lilies or surprise lilies. The leaves come up in the spring and then die off. In August the lily stems come up and are very fragrant. I don't know the scientific name.

Have never seen them growing outside.....but then when they are available here it is below zero most of the time. These are beautiful.


How wonderful, Fodus. I'm with!


Wow!!! Never ever saw them like this! They are incredibly beautiful!


It is unusual how they grow, but what a lovely blossom! TFS


I don't think I've ever seen an of these. They are really pretty but looks as if there should be some leaves on the stems. :)


Beautiful, wish they grew around my house.

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