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Different Species and Subspecies of Zebra

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Grevy's is the largest.

Hartman's Mountain is the smallest. They're the ones I used to work with.

The Quagga is technically extinct, but since it was a descendant and subspecies of Burchell's, Burchell's individuals still have the genes that created the Quagga. Scientists are now selecting those individuals among the Burchell's herds that have the most Quagga-like markings, and breeding them together. They're on their 3rd or 4th generation now, and are producing individuals that are starting to look like the Quagga.
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Wow, thanks' Heidi, I never realize there were so many different species of Zebras. All of them are beautiful and unique. ;-)


I had no idea there were that many species of Zebra presently or extinct. Thanks for the information....


The Grevy's is one species with no subspecies. The 2 Mountain Zebras are another species. All others are subspecies of the Burchell's proper. That includes the Quagga.


Verrrrwee interesting! Thank you!


This diagram makes them look like they're all about the same size. There is a big difference in sizes between the different species.


Always surprising how many subspecies there are for every animal group. ♪♥♥♫


The extinct Quagga is being recreated using the same gene pool that created it.


Someof these are extinct? I thought the Quagga went extinct in the 19th century...

Thank you.

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