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14 Now-You-Know Music Facts To Keep Your Brain Humming - Ed Sheeran

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From a list available at the comedy website Cracked, see below.

The intro:

"Just because you listen to a lot of music doesn't mean you know much about it. Here are some fun music facts to bring up the next time your favorite pop star is on the radio."
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  1. gc20190:04
  2. Brian6660:07
  3. wshealy0:10
  4. Ianto0:11
  5. Watchman0:11
  6. truck0:11
  7. andie9830:11
  8. JennyG660:12
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Or a Czech in the male?


Is he a hot Czech?


or, a Czech.


He could have sent her a cheque.


Yeah, it's hard to imagine him becoming a back-stabbing tax-cheater. He's only 30, so there's still time for him to screw up his life, but let's hope the ex-girlfriend or a new one will keep him on the straight and narrow. The ex is Scottish singer-songwriter Nina Nesbitt.

Ed has already been in legal trouble over plagiarism accusations, but that kind of thing is so humiliating that he must have learned his lesson.

DJ, you are so right! It happens that Maria has lyrics available, and so is Margie, and Hoff was, as usual, involved from the start. You did very well, sir, to have written a song that pleased so many and earned so much money.


Boy, right place, right time. Must be nice. :-)) dj


I have a few poems he can use for his next song or gospel album.


I like Ed. He reminds me of my sons childhood friend. That guy is now a Dr. Of Pharmacy.


Actually, Eddie came to me, I wrote it, and he split credit with the friend.


Ed, I'm available. Can we write a song together?


What a beautiful way to help a friend get back on her feet financially. TFS, Fiona.


I've never heard Sheeran's song all the way through.

The version I *LOVE* is Jeremy Renner's parody of the song, singing as Hawkeye. A must-see for all Avengers fans.

(4:00 min.)

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