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Two Purry Peas In A Pod!! 😊

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First time Tavish piled on top of Oliver in the rope cat bed. They're bonded littermates who sleep together a fair bit (and love to commandeer my computer chair!), but they're also happy in separate napping spots.
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  1. liertje19781:59
  2. valerie012:09
  3. Carol662:15
  4. babray2:18
  5. DeDonder2:18
  6. hadzi2:21
  7. RZRgirl2:31
  8. lilsloh2:49
  9. togocat2:58
  10. Impie3:00


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You're so welcome, Artola. These guys are bonded littermates. Love watching them snuggle, groom and play together. They do their own thing as well. Tavi was first to seek out lap time and bedtime snuggles, but Ollie is quickly catching up. Funny thing though; if one is snuggled on the bed and the other comes to join in, the first one jumps off. Not sure why. Silly wabbits.
Keep us posted on your spring furry adoption plans. 😻


I'm looking forward to getting a bonded pair of kitties perhaps in the spring. It's so fun watching them and taking care of them. I hope we'll have a threesome snuggle sometimes. I miss furry snuggles and look forward to having a furry family again. Thanks for this sweet puzzle. :o))



Haha πŸ˜‚ As exasperating as it sometimes is, their curiosity and mischief is also entertaining. Those β€œwho me” looks are hilarious. πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

Still as mischievous as ever! In other words teaching the big kids bad tricks, opening doors and looking gup with cute faces going "Who??? Me???" Gotta love 'em! ☺β™₯☺β™₯


Yup! How are your squads doing, Betty?

They have really settled in well. That is so great!


Yup, Tavi looks like he’s draped himself all over Ollie. They’ve grown since I bought that rope basket. It flexes but it is a cozier fit.
They LOVE the slide! They run up and down it, chase each other and love their sunny spot at the top. Also a great spot from which to watch squirrels and even a raccoon climbing an Italian plum tree beyond my deck.


Tavi looks so content, while Ollie looks like he a little squashed :-) How do they like going up the slide to sun in the window?


Thank you twosparrows, Carol, Anne, Betty, Impie and CatloverJudy!
Loved your comments!! πŸ˜πŸ’•πŸ˜
Anne, you may be right.... Oliver can be hard to read. He has lots of patience and doesn't seem to mind when Tavi jumps up next to him to coax playtime or just starts grooming him............or in this case, lays on top of him. Oliver will jump up and go elsewhere when he's had enough. Tavi reminds me so much of Tango (my erstwhile tuxedo kitty)....happy-go-lucky puppy-like exuberance without a care in the world. Tons of chirpy purrs. Tavi hasn't got Tango's sportscar roaring purr, so he's also called Mr Chirpy. LOL Oliver has started to snuggle with me on the sofa and at bedtime, curled up in the crook of my arm. Such fun!

Doesn't it make your heart smile!


What a bliss and what a great photo, Nancy! 😍❀😍

Nancy, that is double trouble adorable!!!


Oh, my goodness....sweetness overload. Tavish seems a bit more content with this arrangement than Oliver?


How sweet is that!

Comfy - cosy kitties!

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20 January 2021 - 10 July 2016
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