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Bank vole

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In my garden. ☺
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Your memory serves you well Suzy! Yes, I have had bank voles before. A combination of the bird food and my garden on the edge of the town seems to attract critters! I suspect this one is a newcomer though - too many predators around here. I once saw a magpie swoop down on one of the field mice in the garden, and was watching a kestrel peering down for potential prey too close to home yesterday :((


Didn't you have this visitor last year as well, Lorna? You must be providing him/her/the family with good things for them to return! :)


Thank you Pat.


He's a cute one .. Looks similar to the mole Patches brought me .. The only difference is the moles live under ground and eat insects, grubs and earthworms .. Great picture ands fun puzzle


G’ afternoon Lorna, I asked about Elsa yesterday ‘cause I was hoping she’s back to visiting the nursing homes again :) Ah well, that’ll happen soon. Our Charlie (with the fur and 4 legs) has the same routine: sleeping, eating and . . napping. He gets a little exercise everyday, but had to give up on walks (bad arthritis). Enough about Charlie :) I hope you have a fun, relaxing, out-of-the-ordinary kind of weekend !!


Thanks Val, I think so too! ☺


Cute visitor thank you Lorna☺


Thanks Tea! After our morning walk Elsa spent most of the day relaxing on one of her beds - or the arm chair, or the sofa.... Unless she was eating of course! ☺

Oh Merrie, I wouldn't cope too well with that!

It is a rodent I can live with in such close proximity to my house Jill, unlike rats for instance! He keeps himself to himself, and I just see him occasionally when he's hoovering up the dropped food from the bird feeders.

Thanks Patti. I think so too. ☺

i guess because they live in burrows Toto - in this case, underneath the ground below the bird feeders!


I wonder how it got the name 'bank' vole. Habit of storing things away safely perhaps?


Cute little thing. :)


We don’t have this rodent over here in NZ, it does look quite cute. TFP

My cat seems to prefer killing meadow voles to killing mice. She doesn't eat either of them (that I know of--she leaves them at the front door). She also kills (and eats) bunnies. :-(


Well, they are cute, even if they are rodents :)
Thank you for the puzzle, I enjoyed it !
More important . . . What did Elsa do today?


Sorry to hear of the problems you've been having with voles Patsy. I am unaware of any damage - so far - so can only hope it stays that way! I know that field mice can be a great destructive nuisance but although I see them in my garden, again they haven't caused me any problems, and there are so many predators (feline and avian) that they never last long. I agree the voles are cute, and I prefer them to the mice! ☺

Voles are cute, but... Do bank voles in your part of the world do as much damage as meadow voles can in my part of the world?

I thought we had gotten rid of voles in our yard a couple of years ago, but they're back bigtime this year. I just now read that their return could be part of a 3-5 year cycle. Anyway, I'm hoping to make them unwelcome. And hoping our cats don't catch many that venture into the catpen. I don't want to have to pay for parasite treatment for our cats. ~Patsy

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