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  1. Bailey72837:41
  2. mamallama42:19
  3. Endus43:55
  4. ninna31747:55
  5. karBrink51:27
  6. jipaksi52:56
  7. Pnilla7153:38
  8. dec3mom54:31
  9. naraku0455:24
  10. WeeMary55:27


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Glad you had fun with the puzzle AnnNascar. I am in Switzerland and they have warranty on it. We were patient to have them fix it to avoid waste, but at the end we had to have it replaced at their cost.


Fun puzzle! Thx. Not sure if you live in the US, but I have home warranty insurance, costs about $45 a month. I have a fairly new washer, 3 years, and they have had to come out twice already to fix it and if they can't fix it, they replace! Just got a new $900 dishwasher for nothing, it replaced one that was probably over 20 years.


Glad you liked it so much Mahalo, you are very welcome.

This was marvelous! Thanks very much.


Vicki isn't it amazing how much we depend on appliances. I can understand what you say about rashes.


You are very welcome kfolstad :-)


Fruttel1 we celebrate in advance nowadays, in case the outcome is not positive :-D

What a nightmare. But as you say, they've got 6 months more product experience and as Fruttel1 says "Enjoy the cake".
I use liquid to wash my clothes. A year or two ago I kept getting a mild rash on my body. It kept appearing on different parts of my body. Then I realised that it only appeared when I wore newly washed clothes. Changed from powder to liquid.
No more rashes.


Thanks for the puzzle!


Hope you could enjoy the cake already!!!
Thanks for this great puzzle, loved to solve it. :)


I'm happy you liked it so much Bob, thanks :-)

Once again a puzzle treat by my friend Advia.


The mechanic came always very quickly, the machine worked 80% of the time, but often we had to do the same laundry twice. Sometimes the machine would stop before finished, sometimes burning a rubber around the drum. I have never seen a failure like this before, it should not happen for the cost of employees are very high. Unfortunately we have found no washing machines without software, it was already a hassle to find one without automatic dosage of liquid. I prefer powder because it is less over-perfumed. Therefore we chose again the same model, they have 6 months production experience more now. The mechanic will probably have a nervous breakdown when it works not better. We will buy a cake to celebrate after having tried out the new!


Thank you Jason and fuzzieswife. I took the colors similar to 220509 as I was not relaxed and patient to make a new plan :-)

Thanks Advia. I do remember you telling me about your washing machine. Congratulations on finally finding a solution. How did you do your washing for more than six months? I can't believe washing machines now need software. I was a programmer before I retired. Sounds like an interesting job - writing washing machine software!! Thanks for another wonderful puzzle, Vicki

Another beautiful puzzle, thanks for the challenge.


Nice one :-)

Thank you, Advia.

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