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  1. Sonny916:52
  2. tinman9:36
  3. SixtiesKid10:27
  4. montebob10:51
  5. woodywoodpecker11:21
  6. osersan11:27
  7. Rufe01711:49
  8. alva195612:06
  9. mitchjt12:23
  10. opallia13:02


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Yeah Tim, I put blue turn sigs in the front edges of my '67. It was so cool till the cop stopped me and told me to take them back off. He said that the blinking blue light told him that I was a police car, and that meant that I was impersonating an officer. I took them off. Those Caprice turn sigs were white. The "C" pillar was wider and more of a classy feature.


I'm with you on the 67 Caprice, Pat. A buddy of mine (whom I'm actually seeing soon) had one he got from his uncle when he was 17. A fine looking Chevy. I liked that they added another red light in the middle and moved the backup light. And the front parking lights moved to the little fin area at the ends of the front grille. Pretty nice and roomy on the inside, too. I used to pour over the pamphlets and spec sheets in those days.


I liked the '67 Caprice better.

Nice, the 65 and 66 Chevies were very nice looking cars......


Thanks Jim. My information that surprised me was that the '65 Chevy out sold all other models ever. That's really saying something. That is a lot of cars. I did own one. It was a dark green Impala SS with a 283 engine. Great looking car, but greatly underpowered. I made a comfortable long trip in it, but it burned all the exhaust out of it and had to be replaced while on vacation. Not what we wanted to happen. but. well that was the one that I traded in on the '67 SS 396 and it was much much better. It just needed the better engine.


I generally lean toward Ford and Chrysler, but for 1965 Chevy won the style contest.

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