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Flowers in the garden of an historic site

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  1. goingsilver1:28
  2. JillianB1:37
  3. Ejc1:39
  4. sara343581:47
  5. Pekaji1:48
  6. Ianto1:56
  7. MarinaNephele2:01
  8. purrl2:01
  9. hartlova2:09
  10. Fraggle2:51


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Hello Marina, How have you been? My apology that the photo is a bit dark, these are flowers on tall spikes, not Lilacs on a bush, but the same coloring. We can’t find the name of it online, so I’m going back to this garden in a few days to ask the gardener :) Thanks for working the puzzle :) I’ve been meaning to tell you I’ve really enjoyed your photos of the Island of Rhodes !! I’d like to see it one of these days :)


Beautiful lilacs. Thanks.


Hmm, that’s a close guess Val, I looked at Scilla images online, but these are like the Campanulas, too short. So, toward the end of this week, I’m going to enjoy a drive back to the garden and ask one of the gardeners . . . A fine excuse to return :) I’ll let you and Linda (silverfox19134) know what I find out.


Hello Tea, a pretty puzzle my closest guess could be in the Scilla family, but I am not sure, will be interested to know for sure☺♥


Hello Val, The flowers in this puzzle are familiar, but I’ve completely forgotten the name. I imagine you know what they’re called :) The bell shaped blooms are on spikes about 2 1/2 to 3 feet in height . . When you have a moment later in the day, I’d be interested in what you think :)
Thank you,


. . I’m laughing, it was 93 with high humidity here!
Wishing you the same, have a great start on a new week. Maybe you’ll get enough rain to catch up:)


hi Tea It is currently 87 degrees/ with high humidity and you can't catch your breath outside. Mostly light rain which we are in dire need of. The lakes are down 3ft. and we have to keep filling up the pool. Darn, water is expensive here. ,when you have to daily fill the pool. Have a great start on a new week. Linda


Well, both of you are ‘close’ :) I don’t believe it’s a Campanula because the flowers in the photo are tall spikes, but with the same bell flower blooms and it’s not an Agapanthus, because they’re tall stemmed and shaped like tennis balls on the tops. But now we’re curious. One of our puzzle ladies from NZ has a massive, lovely garden, I imagine she’ll know the name. Her time zone is 16 hours ahead, it’s tomorrow morning there, I’ll ask her in just a little while :)

How hot is it in your part of Florida today? It’s HOT here!


I looked up the flower Camoanulas It is called the "lily of the Nile " it is also spelled differently Agapanthus Africanus. These flowers were blue and it was facing down. The others are species were shaped like a bell .Good planting in colder areas or perennial color accent in accent beds where winters are more mild. They can also be planted in a container in cooler regions. Hope this helps. Linda


I’ll say “Good morning” because it’s a very late Friday evening here :) Thank you for the name suggestion! I looked up images a minute ago and Campanulas have the exact bell shaped flower, but I’m not sure . . the flowers were long stemmed, 2 1/2 to 3’ tall. I ought to know the name of it, I’ll look online again :) Thank you for working the puzzle ! Have a good weekend.

Some variety of campanula maybe?


Hi Jill, they do look like bells :)
I’m happy you enjoyed the puzzle, thank you! Have a great weekend . .


Such sweet little bells, thanks Tea


You beat Sara and Ianto, but I won’t tell them :)

I thought these were pretty too. Right now the flower name has escaped me, I’ll remember later. The garden was overflowing with them, I imagine the soil or something else is just right :)


So pretty!

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