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Willow - Mum is so proud of me

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Whilst mum is out of action I am looking after the vegetable garden, mainly making sure those pesky bunny rabbits don't dig up the pea plants. I think I have done very well and I know mum thinks so too

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Sue, we are wishing you quick healing, and we hope to hear from you soon. Atsutsa misses Miss Willow's cuteness and I miss Milly's "auntie looks".


I have missed you, soo, I hope that you are feeling better now.

Your dear kitties are probably giving you some times of distraction to help with the recovery. ♥♥


Hope you're carrying on guarding the pea patch, Willow. They must be getting big and those pesky wabbits will want to snack even more. Soo, hope you're healing....missing you and the girls! :-))


Miss you all. Be well.

Hugs & cuddles, Auntie soo! But mom said only as much as you could handle! Love the West Texas kids


I'm hoping it's just doctors' orders for no computer work. Heal have people worried. ❤️❤️❤️


Dear Sue, it has been a few weeks now girl! I'm trying to be patiently waiting but it's to the point that I am very worried about you. I think that if you could, you would. I've lit the candles and said the prayers every time you come to mind in every day. God be with you, my dear. (ಥ_ಥ)


I just wanted to send you good wishes, soo, and hope you are recovering. Miss seeing you.


Willow we are all so proud of you keeping the pesky rabbits out of the garden. We ate all out peas mmmmm good. My thoughts and prayers go with you Soo. It took a year and a half to finally find the right treatment for my back. Now I have had surgery to return my organs to the there proper places. 50% of my stomach was in my chest-no wonder I was tired all the time. All the rips and tears have been fixed. I just need 6 weeks to recover from the surgery. When you are better ask me about it. It has been a riot. :))))))


soo - just looking in to see how you are doing - I hope you are improving we miss seeing you Little Bit, Reese's & Mrs. Quinn ♥♥♥


Hope your mum is feeling better...and have a nice weekend with Milly and the pea plants♥♥


I'm glad the peas are doing so well...wish mum was, too. ❤️❤️❤️


Sweet, adorable certainly know how to relax and be at one with the Universe as you keep a watchful eye....and look beautiful at the same time! Is that your catnip plant ???? Oh my, the lavender color does bring out your green eyes. ◔ ⌣ ◔


You are such a good girl taking care of mums pea plants Willow - well done :-)

How wonderful, Willow!! From digging to guarding! I know your mum is SO proud of you and glad you're not digging or so that she's told US! Stay vigilant, Willow!!!
Tres send his love & cuddles and asks if you'll share them with Auntie soo???


Dear Willow, what a mature young lady you have become and now you are the guardian of the garden. I am sure it helps make your mum feel a lot better knowing you are in charge outdoors. Sending big hugs to you, Sue and hoping you will very soon be back to normal. ♥♥♥


Good to see that your mum is back little Willow. All of us, your fans, already know how creative and helpful you are, and obviously the pea plants are greatful for your care. Take care of your mum as well and pldase give her my best regards♥♥


Good girl, Willow....we are all very proud of you for protecting and looking after the pea plants for your mum. I bet the bunny rabbits wouldn't even think of entering your garden whilst you're lying there on guard behind the catnip.
Give your mum a nice wet nose kiss for me please and tell her I'm keeping everything crossed for a speedy recovery! ♥♥


Willow, that looks like Russian sage you're hiding behind. You're such a good kitty to protect the garden while you mum is unwell.


dear sweet willow, best wishes and love to mum, and hope she recovers real soon.
with such a diligent protector of the peas, they must surely be in the safest of hands.


Hi Willow; I happen to know your mum is still in a lot of pain so anything you can do to help is wonderful. Those pea plants look pretty safe to me with such a diligent guard on duty. Does Milly help out or is it just you?
Tell mum we hope she feels better soon. Love tisketsmum & Tisket


Wonderful photo of you keeping the garden safe! Looks like you're doing it brilliantly, Willow! Keep up the good work in the garden as well as giving your mum extra cuddles to help her feel better. :-)) ♥♥


Good girl Willow for helping out your Mum so brilliantly. Please pass on my get well soon wishes to her- I hope she is feeling better?


Oh, Willow, I'm sure you've been an excellent garden guardian. You look as if you are taking your job very seriously too. I know you love your pea plants. But Willow, tell us all, how is your Mum doing? I hope she's feeling much better and able to get back to her regular self soon. Anne and Atsutsa

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