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Peanuts for the Pileated! Yum! Yum!! - #3

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This was just luck. I was clicking as fast as the camera would process the images. I hope he comes back.
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My goodness!!! I didn't think Woodpeckers could be that big as I've only ever seen small ones in my life, never more than 7 or 8 inches! This one's incredibly huge than, no wonder his claws are so big! L.O.L.

Back atcha', Monica. Did you see his big yellow eye? Keeping an eye out for competition. He's really pretty big, about 14" to 16" tall. His tail is way below the bottom of the feeder. The Ivory-Billed, if he really exists, is the largest at 19 1/2".


My gosh, would you just look at the claws on this guy, their huge for such a small bird! I do so love woodpeckers, their so beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing these pics with us Angel!...Hugs

Glad you enjoyed him, Jana. I haven't seen him again, but I just may not have looked out the window at the right time. :-)))


It's wonderful, thank you very much Angel :-))))))))))))

Thank you tekchal and bentleyd. :-)) Happy to brighten your day.

tekchal, I worked for AMAX for a couple years and found mining really an interesting industry. Once I got to operate the crane that loaded the trucks with coal and also went up the elevator in the huge dragline that "walked" itself from one location to another. Today it sits and rusts.

Part of the time I was a dispatcher for our CanDo Choo Choo, which hauled coal from the mines to the Ohio River and the barges. I even got to ride the train twice, getting to start, stop it and even blow the whistle! Every little boy's dream. The tracks ran through an area that was not reclaimed and looked like hell on earth, a total wasteland of red orange and black barren soil and rocks. No plants of any kind could grow there. Thank goodness for the SuperFund and legislation forcing the reclamation of the mine sites. My admiration to the town that took on the project of making a silk purse out of a sow's ear for their residents.


A great shot Angel:-) I do hope he comes back. Thanks for sharing:-))


Angelbender this is tekchal. About the mine you saw me post. It is a shaft mine that was probably dug in the late l800s. After the equipment was developed they strip mined here. I have puzzles of the Club which was all strip mining. The people of the town developed the rec area, not the company. I also posted a picture of the Wheel which Peabody used to move dirt.

Love the puzzle of the Pileated Woodpecker

He was a real ham and acted like he was going to stay, PLG. He just suddenly dropped off and winged it through the vertical limbs below and to the left of the feeder. It was like he had done it before. I'm happy to share a beauty like that with those who get a kick out of my lucky shot. ;-DDD


Wonderful shot! I love these guys! Thanks, Angelbender!

You are so welcome. I think they are shy or secretive, staying up high in treetops looking for bugs. I never dreamed he would visit 20' from my face. Maybe an easy meal will lure him back.

I posted instructions for making a feeder like this on one of the other Pileated puzzles. I was amazed at all the Downy, Hairy and Red-Bellied Woodpeckers, Nuthatches, Wrens, Titmice, Mockingbirds and Blue Jays who love the peanuts. You might enjoy all the action, too.


Thanks agains for a great picture of a rare bird.

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