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Stray Kitty

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My cat died. So no. :-(

One thing that may indicate pregnancy is the prominent nipples. As with human pregnancies, the expanding uterus remains in the abdomen whereas excess weight is distributed over the body.
As cute as babies are, feral cats have many, many kittens who then also begin reproducing at an early age. Feral cats are in poor health and have a very short lifespan, 2-3 years average.


Livvy, you may be correct in assuming that the cat belongs to a cafe, and that might account for the fat tummy. :-) At any rate, the cat looks healthy and you are to be commended for being a thoughtful and caring person to accommodate a stray. Your cats are blessed. Good luck to you!


goodlord, I think Livvy, as mentioned, only interacted with this cat while on vacation, and has not adopted it. The cat does appear to be in reasonably good health, so someone might be taking good care of it, at least I hope so. Otherwise the fat tummy may indicate that it is eating well. :-)


hmmmm she looks a bit 'preggers' to me..... have you looked for babies ?


Lucky kitty if you are helping it Livvy.

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