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Cat shaming series

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Well done, 6TC!


Thanks, YO! I felt so guilty doing it, but think you are right, she was starving herself. and probably would have continued.

You probably saved her life by making her wash the food off herself. She found out it was pretty tasty. :)


Yes, she did, YO. I'm embarrassed, but I finally got so darned frustrated/upset I put a spoonful of each variety she'd turned her nose up at all on a plate (at least 15 or more!) and when she sniffed and walked away, I picked her up, turned her around and just mushed her tiny face into one of them. :( But she started to clean her face and then eat it, and I went back to the kitchen to figure out which it was, and by the time I got back the entire plate was clean! After a few weeks she didn't smell bad/malnourished anymore (it had been hard to cuddle, pet, hold and try to nurture her because she really reeked)! She was always tiny, and I think it was because she didn't get the nutrients needed when younger, but she lived a long time. :)

Did she make it? Hope so. :)


It's amazing what they will eat! I had a kitten that wasn't getting food from her mom (she was the runt and then mom died), and they were feeding her cooked chicken and cabbage because she wouldn't eat anything else. She smelled horrible and was verging on malnutrition. I tried every brand of chicken cat food and chicken baby food - nope. The vet said some were so dumb they would starve themselves to death. I left for work worried and came home worried daily.

Happy you all appreciated the broccoli bomb. :)

this is my favorite for the day. thanks youngone.


Vilse is a cat and they do as they please. No matter what.


Our cats do not eat Human food thank goodness so no bombs lol☺☺


Do you suppose it was an SBD, Laura?


Oh no! He dropped the bomb!


Sorry, MPP. His armpits are too hairy to make farts there.


Yes, Max. He "sings" on the command "NO BARK DAMMIT!"


Yes, but can either sing on command?

You both have very interesting animals. Don't invite me for a visit. :)


Can he do armpit farts?


My youngest dog, Seal, burps. He's a master of the art of a well-timed burp. Breaks us up and my Obedience classes, too.


Just last night. the diabetic girl cat had gas so bad I had to turn on the ceiling fans and open the windows. This was just before bed - she likes to sleep near my head..! : ((

Hahaha! Good one!


After broccoli, I'd suggest renaming the cat 'Windy'...

Good idea. There is much to learn on these puzzles. :)

I was wondering the same thing, but I've had so many people correct me about strange things that cats do, so I just decided to go with the flow...Sherry :)))

Find it interesting that a cat would eat broccoli in the first place. Know what it can do to people so also glad I wasn't there. :)

Sure is cute though...Sherry :)))


lol...campfire scene


Vilse needs to try out for the feline remake of Blazing Saddles.


That's a real toot!


HAHAHA HA Ha Ha ha ha hee hee hee.... glad I wasn't there, though.

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