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☘ꕥ☘ Flowering maple ☘ꕥ☘

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Maple (Acer platanoides) blooms in spring with delicate yellow-green flowers, followed by a flood of green leaves
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Spring had arrived for the maple trees and we can enjoy it together, you wrote it beautifully Marina, thank you my dear friend ♥:))


The flowers are so delicate and beautiful. Spring had arrived for the maple acer trees.


Dasa, I wish you good and quiet night ♥:))

Deanna, thanks so much for the kind answer and for thinking of me. I'm going to rest again, so good night. ♥♥♥


Dear Dasa, I very much appreciate the fact that you came despite the difficulties with your leg. Thank you very much for your kind words and much more for meeting with you, my evening is complete after our meeting. I know that it will seem long to you, I hope that you will overcome the first few days and you will feel better, it is a new situation for you. Rest a lot and try to put as little strain on your leg as possible, it will be better, my dear friend. I thought of you today, I went to pick the first little leaves of "wild garlic" and I thought you would like such a little walk. Please be patient and everything will be fine, I will prepare an interesting trip with photos and we will enjoy it together. I wish you a peaceful night and a nice tomorrow, I'll see you ♥:))

Dear Deanna, you did very well photos of the flowering maple. It's not unusual in your art. Yesterday I had the feeling that I could playfully do it, today my leg seems "very heavy". It will be long! Oh, oh ... I'm looking forward to tomorrow and have a nice evening. Take care, my friend. ♥♥♥

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