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William Glackens' Soda Fountain

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William James Glackens (March 13, 1870 – May 22, 1938) was an American realist painter and illustrator, as well as one of the founders of the Ashcan School of American art. His dark-hued, vibrantly painted street scenes and depictions of daily life in pre-WW I New York and Paris first established his reputation as a major artist. His later work was brighter in tone and showed the strong influence of Renoir.
In 1904, Glackens married artist Edith Dimock, the daughter of a wealthy Connecticut family. They lived together in a Greenwich Village townhouse, where they raised two children, Lenna and Ira. Many artists were drawn to the home of this happy family, which appears in many of Glackens paintings. In 1957, Ira Glackens published “William Glackens and the Eight: The Artists Who Freed American Art” about his father’s role played in the emerging realist movement in art.
“The man with something to say is an important man in art - in fact, the only man who may claim the title of artist. The manner of his expression matters very little. That will take care of itself. The man with something to say generally says it pretty well." — William Glackens
(Information gathered from Wikipedia and Amazon.)


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egdoht, a suggestion: you could copy and paste the link in your comment in order to reference an earlier puzzle. BTW: I like the one you reposted.

Thank you, Tom, I'll watch for it. WPA is of great interest to me, as well.


hi ann... i don't know if the 'work projects administration' (wpa) of the 1930s kept records of the names of the individual artists who made the coit tower the treasure trove gallery it is (inside walls covered top to bottom with museum quality stuff by artists of the great depression).. i'll post a fewer pieces version of the coit tower diner puzzle today... tom

Thanks, egdoht! I saw your posting of the Coit Tower painting just now and it's great! I won't be tackling it, however, it's a little too many pieces for me. I so appreciate your taking the time to give me this information. I'd like to track the artist down, too.


ann... when i saw your puzzle post, the strong resemblance in locale, subjects, and their introspective gaze, to a 1930s painting by a wpa artist in the coit tower in san francisco, struck me.. i posted a puzzle of that painting a while ago here on jigidi.. can't paste an image in these comments, so i'll repost it as a puzzle today or tomorrow... take a look.. what do you think?