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Butterfly #1

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One of four butterflies from a recent visit to the Butterfly Rainforest exhibit at the Florida Museum of Natural History in Gainesville. I didn't try to learn the names - there were many varieties present. It is also the home of the McGuire Center for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity. From their website: "... the largest collections-based research and education center in the world focused on butterflies and moths. The collections are taxonomically comprehensive and contain more than 10 million specimens, which are widely used by an ever-growing global community of students and scientists. The Center documents past and present patterns of biological diversity and forms the basis for research ranging from climate change and emerging agricultural pests, to evolution and biodiversity conservation." Parts of the laboratory, including a series of pupae to emerging butterflies, are visible through glass from the museum. A video tour can be found at their website:
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  1. PaxLab2:45
  2. rohrerhj3:26
  3. Ginni24:03
  4. Ianto4:06
  5. ian19484:08
  6. robinlynnp4:10
  7. Petrami24:10
  8. schutkleur4:11
  9. fredf4:13
  10. dudicat4:16


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Will load seek today and give it a try!


I was surprised Seek gave me an immediate name for this butterfly because it's at an odd angle, but Rice Paper butterfly popped up immediately. It's another name for the Paper Kite butterfly Omoli mentioned below. I'm really impressed with Seek. You should give it a try. So far there has only been one flowering plan it couldn't identify. My favorite ranger didn't know what it was either. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, my bee photos on that flower weren't good enough for puzzles anyway.


Thank you, Omoli! And thank you for the identification! I googled the museum exhibit and Idea Leuconoe and that species does, indeed, live in that exhibit and is a great match. Here is a bit more for anyone interested: Thank you for teaching us - yay, Jigidi University!


Lovely butterfly. If I'm not mistaken, it's an Idea Leuconoe, in English known as the paper kite butterfly.


Thank you, dudicat!

Great picture ☺️


Thank you, schutkleur!


Wonderful series PaxLab!!
I told you I wasn't worried :))


Thank you, Patsy! Glad you enjoyed them!


Thank you for this wonderful quartet of butterfly photos (all puzzles at a perfect size for me!). And interesting info about the Butterfly Rainforest exhibit. ~Patsy

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