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  1. mble1119118:32
  2. terrilhb9:01
  3. petperson10:36
  4. greenie13:07
  5. Jenny123413:54
  6. petsmom14:43
  7. white415015:50
  8. Dillwar22:26
  9. scolwill27:14
  10. Quiltjenny30:46


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You are welcome petsmom. Thank you so much.


I really enjoyed the puzzle. The dogs are adorable. Mble111911's description of their thoughts is fantastic. The whole thing was fun. Thanks, terrilhb.

LOL It looks like they have been called to a meeting. I can 'read their thoughts'
(From left to right)
First one: "I was the first one here, so I get the gold star, or a biscuit...or two biscuits because I'm smiling."
Next one: "Okay, I'm here...meetings are usually boring...I'll just take a nap."
Next one: "Uh,oh, this meeting must have been called because she found out that I was the one who dug up the flowerbed. This could be bad for me."
Right side, in back: "I am here and I am paying attention...very, very close attention...she likes when I pay attention...I'm the Good Dog."
Right side, in front: "Did someone mention Biscuits?? I heard there would be biscuits at this meeting. Bring on the biscuits!"
What a great family photo, Terri. --Merrie

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