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animals elephant baby ducklings

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what do you supposed the elephant is thinking? what do you think the ducklings are thinking?
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  1. bjj11:53
  2. blueharmony18:07
  3. tini_dancer19:13
  4. skyoak19:48
  5. awinita20:34
  6. zachsgrma24:21
  7. agos26:36
  8. 4Sunshine27:07
  9. Flutelady32:22
  10. Deeann7033:51


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there long bills give them away.


awinita: you are correct.


awinita: puzzler "skyoak" also said they were egrets.


Actually, those birds are cattle egrets.


The ducklings seem rather oblivious to the elephant. But I think the elephant thinks he's found some new toys, and he's oblivious to the difference in their sizes. Great picture. What fun!!!.


skyoak: l looked the word ergots up in the dictionary and they say ergots is some kind of fungus.

I don't care if they are little ducks or ergots ... I love the picture, and I really love that you posted the picture. That tells me about you, that you care about nature and little elephants and us people who put together the puzzle ... Blessings to you and thank you for posting the picture


skyoak: the pic came from my computer and the little chicks were called ducklings. it's possible that they were wrong. as i look closer at the pic the chicks have a longer bill than ducklings. you may be right.

I "think" those ducklings are really ergots ... waiting for the elephants to stir the grass for the bugs to start jumping and flying for some easier meals... I could be wrong, have been known to be wrong ...


what do you suppose the baby elephant is thinking? what do you think the ducklings are thinking?

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