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Sue1 Get-better-soon

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Sue said ~
In hospital (in Orlando, FL) since Sunday.
Diverticulitis made it too painful to eat or drink.
In bed 20 hours a day for 2 weeks. Deep vein thrombosis. On Heparin to dissolve the clots
(2 clots in left leg). May take days. Or may
have surgery.

Get better soon, Sue
Love & Hugs
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Oh, I was in the hospital there in Orlando for months and then the one here in Leesburg for more months. I did not realize it. I know her Christmas card wasn't answered and she always did so. I too miss her. She was ill for awhile, I know, because we talked about it.


Sorry to tell you that Joyce passed away several months ago. I miss her very much😢




Oh My Joyce. I only today found this wonderful puzzle. I missed so much when I did not have my Kindle/phone/computer with me. If you are still here, I love you, my dear old friend.


Hi Joyce. It's been almost a year since you were here. Hope you are ok. Please let us hear a word from you.


3 1/2 months is too long to be gone with no word. I hope somebody hears something.




I have tried to send Joyce messages many times here, and Lela (lelabugosi) has mailed her, but she doesn't answer. Lela told me that she was feeling down, so I hoped she would be back. I miss her very much.


Joyce.... you haven't been here since December 30, 2020. I'm very concerned.

Has ANYBODY heard from Joyce?


Oh, Sue, I have so much sympathy for you. Diverticulitis has been the bane of my life. I collapsed and was hospitalized Christmas of 2019 for it but have been tons better this year. I also developed a DVT in my leg in April but it is responding to Eliquis, monthly B12 injections and iron infusions. Hematologist said it is due to diverticulitis making intestines unable to absorb iron and other necessary nutrients-- resulting in a form of anemia which enlarges the red blood cells, depletes the hemoglobin and thickens the blood. I will continue on this regimen at least through 2021. I hope you will soon feel MUCH better.

Dear Sue!I hope you will be feeling better soon!!Lena

I hope you get well soon!


Sue, I hope your recovery is double fast!! 2021 is going to be a better year!
Have missed you glad you are back and that you let us know about Sue****


Thanks, Joyce.
Hope you will soon be well again, Sue. So sorry. Hugs and prayers.


Hope you have a speedy recovery. . . Naoma


Oh no!!!! I really hope the doctors can give you relief, Sue.

(((( gentle HUGS ))))


Get better, Sue! I've had diverticulitis - NO FUN!!!

Joyce - Glad to hear from you, too!!! HUGS - Take care. 2021 will be better. :))))))

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