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Beloved Sleep Terrorist

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One night in 2006 - rather sleep deprived after having become a first-time father to a beautiful boy - I stumbled upon an online site with jigsaw puzzles and thought to myself: 'What if I could take a picture of my baby and send it to his grandmother as a puzzle?'.

I created the functionality and the website (this website), and sent a puzzle-photo of the beloved sleep terrorist to his granny. She loved it! And the rest is history.

Jigidi has since grown in accordance with the general idea that playing, communicating and sharing moments with each other makes our lives richer. These are the values which have embodied Jigidi from the get-go to today.
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  1. kaibreuck2:05
  2. penguinberg2:50
  3. Draidos3:26
  4. Magnus3:41
  5. ullauhrskov3:48
  6. raffo3:53
  7. Frid4:14
  8. grimric4:15
  9. Arria4:17
  10. piaheb4:26


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I dunno :) he looks pretty armless there :) rofl rofl :) Nice one Magnus :)


My son is the same way about having his photo taken by his parents. LOL.

Jigidi staff

@Artola yes, he did. Way more, actually. He's got some good hair genes from his mother's side.


Thank you! Thank you for creating Jigidi. Tell me, did your little Terrorist grow up to have more hair than his daddy? :o))

Jigidi staff

Thanks, Joan.

Yes, he is growing and handsome too. I cannot post another picture of him. He would mind, and his reflexes are too good. All I would get is a photo of a hoodie 😉


i did this in 2017 it is time for a new plcture
he was such a beatiful baby
he must be hamsome now
thankhim and you for making so many of us happy with JIGIDI


I think that this fellow must be about 15 years old by now.
I hope you are enjoying him.
Happy birthday, @Magnus


Yes please....we need an update! :) And....I joined you on Instagram a few minutes ago!!


What a cutie! And I would have guessed "teething" from the looks of it...but no rosy cheeks. Time for an update! ;DDD

Well, I finished the puzzle. Yes, now it’s time for an updated photo of your “baby”.
I love puzzles and this is the BEST! Hugs to your 16 yr old baby. ; }

What a cutey. He's 13 now? Time does fly doesn't it?
I usually do only mosaics ,but, had to solve this
little guy.~~~TKX and stay safe~~~Denn

Jigidi staff

It's not the same image. I've spent a considerable amount of time trying to find it to no avail. I think I sent it from a mailbox I lost access to many years ago. Instead, we picked another image dated roughly the same.

You're right. He did turn thirteen last month. Most definitely a teenager. It wouldn't be fair to call him a terrorist, though. I think he is more well behaved than I was at that age 😊


Oh, my, that is wonderful! Is this the image that started it all? Did it all start that long ago? So now you have a teen-terrorist?

Hugs to you Magnus, Mette, and the terrorist too.

trop beau ce bébé, on pourrait le voir aujourd'hui ? ? ? il a tenu ses promesses...
merci pour ce site où je passe des heures à me casser la tête pour savoir si c'est la bonne pièce au bon endroit
bonne continuation et encore merci !


Už je to velký školák,..
přeji vám, ať jste společně všichni v rodině šťastni!

Thank you so very much for making Jigidi. I really appreciate it.


He's beautiful; I love that photo. What a fabulous memory!! Thanks so much for sharing. I never roamed around the site. I was so happy solving puzzles & posting, who knew there was this special surprise for us. Many thanks & blessings. Joyce ;)))


thank you for making this puzzle site
I am 89 can't do as much as I use to
I enjoy JIGIDI so much

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